1 hour ago Screen goddess and former aide to Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State, Nkiru Sylvanus, is no doubt a pretty actress who is loved by many, even her critics. Her acting prowess is second to none and that is what many love her for. From her famous character as Blessing a.k.a Ble Ble in the soar-away Nollywood flick A Cry For Help to her present role as Sandy in her recently released self-produced flick, The Voice, Nkiru has shown that she is the unsung African queen of the movie. ... more

5 hours ago Media personality, Fummi Iyanda clocked 43 on Sunday, July 27, 2014 and she took her time to advice young people.The pretty lady urged many to to always read and put on what makes them feel important. She went on to say that it is often better to be happy than to be right. Anyone who gives you money cant afford to tell you the truth. Read for goodness sake, read on your device of course, she advised.She advocated for exercise and eating well as well. Funmi also advised young people to ... more

5 hours ago Popular Tinsel actor, Victor Olaotan, has disclosed in an exclusive chat with that the Federal Government needs to invest more in Nollywood in order to make filmmaking in Nigeria meet the standard of Hollywood. Victor said the government is yet to start investing in Nollywood despite the 200 million put down by the government for the creative industry. The government putting N200 million into Nollywood, that is the budget of one film in Hollywood. There is no short ... more

5 hours ago Wave-making comedian, Patrick Onyeke aka Kunle Thomas, has disclosed that his comedy skit currently showing on television has been in the pipeline for about two to three years, but only decided to unleash it now.Kunle exclusively explained to that his style of comedy is called slapstick, which is a comedy with less talk. He further said this has now been accepted by Nigerians. Kunle Thomas also stated that his aim is to do a pan African comedy that will carry everyo ... more

5 hours ago Season two winner of Lucozade Boost Freestyle television show, Hilary Chinonso Uzorka aka Hilary Jackson, has disclosed that winning the competition made him understand that dance plays a vital role in a countrys development because it helps spread the rich culture and talents in Nigeria.According to Hilary, the entertainment industry in Nigeria only comprises Nollywood, music and comedy, noting that there is actually not a dance industry.He disclosed to that he ... more

5 hours ago This was the subject of an email sent to me by elder in nollywood. I have received many emails and calls after the last article of My Honest Opinion was published I must admit I enjoyed the attention, I didnt know I had such readership. One comment I saw on a blog really made sense to me. It read I dont support ibu in anyway; I think he deserves it but I did not expect you to serve him. It was too condescending. I found it quite unlike you stronghold. I feel the angle from which that fel ... more

6 hours ago Handsome movie star, Chigozie Atuanya, is presently in the United States of America USA, can confirm. It was squealed to us that the actor is in the States to promote his new flick entitled Chetanna, who is said to be a world class movie. Chetanna features an array of movie stars in it and from what we gathered, Igbos in the US have endorsed the job, which is also set to premiere in the Uncle Sams land. Chigozie is an actor that has paid his dues in th ... more

14 hours ago Fast-rising singer, Jodie, whose real name is Joy Odiete, has disclosed that she never expected her song Kuchi Kuchi to be widely accepted because she had done a couple of recordings before then.She explained that writing of songs is not easy, and further said she cant really predict if any of her songs will trend like the Kuchi kuchi track that got her fame. However, JOdie, promised to continue to do good and quality music.According to her, I am trusting God that any song He dro ... more

14 hours ago Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim, has taken to her social media page to advice her fans on the need to be careful of the deadly disease called Ebola Virus, which is more feared than HIV/AIDS. Juliet pleaded with her fans and others to always wash their hands well in order not to come in contact with the virus.She further begged God for forgiveness of sin as the innocent ones have suffered so much and need a redemptionRecall that a week ago, Patrick Sawyer, a consultant for the Libe ... more

22 hours ago Nollywood actress and wife of award winning music artiste, 2face Idibia, Annie, has revealed that she will not allow her children go through the emotional trauma she went through when her parents divorced just when she was only nine years old. In a chat with The Entertainer, she advised that divorce should not be an option for couples who are having face-offs. Honestly, divorce is the worst punishment any parent could subject children to because its the children that will face the cons ... more