Monday, April 09, 2012 The family of late James Iroha, who is well known as Gringory, has finally gotten a burial date.According to information released by the family concerning the final burial rites for the veteran actor, Gringory will be buried on May 5 in Abia State.Gringory died in February after being neglected of his ailments. He was popular with the now rested TV soap, Masquerade, which he played with Zebrudaya, Ovloria, Jegede Sokoya, Apena and many others.He was aged 70 before his death. C ... more

Sunday, April 08, 2012 Why Do We Celebrate Easter?We celebrate Easter becuase its the day that jesus came back from the dead which means new life and chicks represent new life which is why we have easter eggs it used to be just christians that celebrated easter but then other people wanted to celebrate it as well and thats how Easter startedHAPPY EASTER FOLKSWHAT IS YOUR OWN DEFINITION OF EASTER?