Ruggedman's Rant On Channels TV Interview, An Attempt To Revive Music Career?

Story by Osaremen Ehi James/
Last Updated: Saturday, March 16, 2013

Since last weekend, the controversial interview of Lagos Commandant of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps. (NSCDC) with Channels TV has become the treading topic in Nigeria, if not the world.

The interview with Shem Obafaiye has coined a new comic phrase in Nigeria 'My Oga At The Top'.

It became surprising to me that someone like Ruggedman, who should know better, will go on ranting on a social media platform like twitter to attack Channels TV describing them as unprofessional.

Why will I even be surprised in the first place? Artistes with a 'dwindling' career use any opportunity to tread and gain cheap popularity, all in the name of staying relevant.

If someone heading of an organisation like Shem claims that fraudsters are using parody websites to defraud unsuspecting job seekers, it is very imperative for him to tell the world the true and authentic website address of his organisation. So, if he goofed, should we now put the blame on Channels TV? They only did a good job by exposing the decay in the system.

It is in Nigeria journalists interview guests without drilling them with tough questions. Though interviews are not meant to provoke emotions, but it is aimed at putting people on the spot to get valuable information.

For those who know me too well, that is how I conduct my interviews. I make it a hot seat for my interviewees. That is the journalism standard and not what we practice in Nigeria.

If you are to go for an interview, you get prepared. This same man (Ofem) may have failed many prospecting NSCDC applicants just because they couldn't answer a question.

If Ruggedman has problem with the interview, then his purported fight for a just Nigeria is only for publicity sake and probably to gain cheap public sympathy.

If Ruggedman feels Channels TV faulted in the interview, then, I rest my case.

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Rugged man park well
3/16/2013 7:42:20 AM
They were only doing their job.. The man simply goofed. I hold those sunrisedaily guyz to high esteem
Ehi, shut up!
3/16/2013 2:59:19 PM
Ehi, shut up! You are no. 1 unproffessional quack journalist!
Rugged man has a point. When civil defence was introduced, graduates rejected it and illiterates embraced it.
Those useless journalist would hv moved on to anoda question instead of asking one question a million times.
They were just s****d. Even more s****d than the man they interviewed.
Do the same
3/17/2013 12:04:24 PM
Ada, do the same. This is a clear case of INCOMPETENCE. What has being a graduate got to do with knowing the website of the organisation you sat b4 the world to represent. And why didnt they train Obafaiye on the job. Non graduates can be competent, so Mr Obafaiye has no excuse.
3/16/2013 7:45:08 AM
Nonsense shem obafaiye ve fhucked up nfc update pls coz oda blogs ve it dat he has bn suspended hahaaaaaaaaaasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa morons
3/16/2013 8:50:23 AM
I have not heard this man's songs. I think it will not be good like the others
Rugged man
3/16/2013 10:21:20 AM
He want's us to talk about him...:) which we are doing..:)
Ruggeddy baba on top jare
Rugged Man
3/16/2013 1:15:05 PM
Rugged man is sayin de rite thing. Tell me who dnt know rugged man in nigeria and beyound just shut ur trap
Ruggedy dosnt knw what to say
3/17/2013 3:48:27 AM
Why should rugged go about saying rubish,I read everything he was saying in you expect channels tv 2 jump over cus the man dosnt knw his true website? ShUuuuuuuuut up every1 that supportd his what he said is wrong
Ruggedman go and sitdown Biko
3/18/2013 3:31:26 AM
Ruggedman shld jus go and sit down please, what is he insunuating, channels Tv didnt do any thing, the man f**ked up and Nigerian have the right to mock him, so ruggedman if you f**k up tomorrow we too go laff u like hell
boko haram
ebere peters
3/18/2013 1:12:47 PM
since nfc and dia fellow hard core jounalist are this good in putting pple in hot seat interview. Then were u core jounalists to fish out d commandant of boko haram and put them on hot interview or better still fish out our thiefing leaders who in d past and in d recent times looted d country and put them on hot seat look them in d eyes. f*****h coward jounalists u prefer to embarrase an honest working class and place him on suspension simply becos he made an honest mistake dats why he 's crucified like a criminal and hang him all over d news. Who is damn perfect. Nobody. Rugged man u are so long my guy.
ebere peter I love ur comment
3/19/2013 3:51:33 AM
Pls u guys shld jst free dis nscdc man..Who on dis planet'earth'is above mistake?Even d so called journalists are not!!abeg lemme hear word joor!
The bitter truth
Fatiu< D LEGEND>
3/19/2013 11:20:21 PM
It is a pitiable pisma it is highly lucubius it is unreasonable dinda dat in coun3 dat is highly blss wit human self centredeness dat is blsd wit high rancoural has now bn d subject of mockery nd s****dity. In a nut shel d bitter truth is dat evn if u ar 2 interview all d political officio hardly we gonna see 10% dat are perfect so bear in mind dat i say d truth nd if u ar nt convinced damm ur professional.
Ruggedy baba dont mind dem jare na dem sabi
Wahab alade
3/22/2013 1:54:54 AM
Ruggedy baba dont mind dem jare na dem sabi
Nun mind dem ruggedybaba .
Matayor massey
3/27/2013 11:57:01 PM
Ruggedman nun get mate o when it comes to rap music 4 naija.all d bad belle shut up.i***t learners.ruggedybaba 2 bad.which kind dirty question b dat.person go clear he mind.una go dey verse.
4/10/2013 4:53:53 PM
Oh. My. goodness!!!! I have just been renadig your posts on the Cinque Terre. Your images are sooo beautiful. I have recently been going through some I took of this gorgeous place a few years ago (no please don't look they are terrible compared to yours. I am so glad I stumbled into your beautiful space today xox
None is perfect...
4/19/2013 12:21:04 PM
Only 'our oga at the top' is above mistakes.

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