My mistakes belong to the past – Liz Benson
Story by Kemi Lawal/Punch
Click for Full Image Size Known as Liz Benson, she was an actress who had featured in many Nigerian films. Now referred to as Liz Benson-Ameye, she talks about her new life

Where have you been?

I have been in Delta State where I now live with my husband. Together we run a ministry, Freedom Family Assembly. He has been in the ministry for a very long time and I have been an evangelist since 2006, when I was officially ordained. God brought us together and that is what I have been occupied with.

How was the transition from Nollywood to being an evangelist?

It was not easy. The calling of God is something that when it first happens, you begin to fret. You look at yourself and begin to ask questions like, ‘why me?’ and ‘am I really worth it?’ But thank God for His mercies. The truth is, God can decide to use anyone at any point in time. The most important thing is to submit oneself and after battling with it for a couple of years, it just dawned on me that I needed to submit myself and that is exactly what I have done.

So you battled it?

Yes I did. I was used to a particular kind of lifestyle, which I was expected to turn my back on and embrace a new life. It has to be devoid of all the vanities of life. When I got the calling, I knew I was special and that is why He chose me. Since then, I have not looked back.

Do you get strange reactions from people you minister to?

There is no shock because I don’t think I am the first person who has been through this path. I know there are many people who have got a similar call but they have not just been able to really follow it through. I know some who were musicians but now run a very big church. Outside Nollywood industry, I know professionals who have answered that call. People are just so glad that I have been able to see the light. They are happy for me.

Are there things you miss from your former life?

Nothing whatsoever. Instead, I wish I had known the Lord before now. I have no regrets because I am positive that the path I have toed is what God has prepared for me and whatever mistakes I made in my past, remains in my past and I was meant to make those mistakes . I have gathered from them because mistakes are experiences, so you grow with them.

What mistakes are you referring to?

I don’t have to enumerate them because I can’t even remember them. It all belongs to the past. Everybody has a past without which there can’t be a present and a future. When you are in Christ, all things become new.

Do you miss being on set?

Why should I? Don’t you know people grow out of things? I have not grown out of being a performer but the thing is that as you get older, you begin to do other things that would improve people’s lives around you even better than before. You have people who were bankers being absorbed into the entertainment industry, we have people who were in the entertainment industry, doing other things but the fact remains that we are sending a message to the people. But for me, it is a different message, which is a message of life and eternity. That is the best that can happen to any individual. So, I count myself really privileged to be called a servant of God.

In future, do you have plans of going back on set?

I did something last year with Stephanie Linus and it bordered on health. Something that really affects the lives of women, and I was touched by the script. I know a lot of people said they thought I was going to do something that borders on my faith but this also borders on my faith because if I can do something that will help humanity, I think it is contributing my own quota to life basically.

Are you insinuating that you will not play any of those bad girl roles any longer even if the pay is mouthwatering?

For me, it has never being about money, it is about the script and the message I am sending out there. To every professional, I think that should be the bane. If you feel strongly about a role, you go all out and do it. At times, the money might not just even be there but thank God for how far the industry has gone now. Many people are really able to make a living acting because then, we could not. Back then, we had more fame and very little money.

Are you not interested in producing movies?

To the glory of God, it has to be. I want to produce movies that will preach the word and touch the lives of people. If I could touch the lives of people with secular movies, how much more the gospel?

How well have you fared in your marriage?

As you can see, it’s been wonderful staying married to my husband, Bishop Great Ameye. I am glowing. It looks like we have been married forever when in fact this is going to be the fourth year. We are like teenagers in love and I am enjoying every moment of it.

How did you meet?

I met him in his hometown where we live now. I went to evangelise there. It is something that is very rare and some great men of God have told me that it is something that is rare to find. I mean, one who has been in the ministry meeting another person who has also been called by God and both of them are really strong in it. I just thank God because marriage has been wonderful. We have our challenges but we never let it stay past two minutes and we are done with it. We are two young people together and you can imagine us coming together. We take everything in the strides of maturity.

You are aging gracefully…

All the credit goes to my heavenly father and He has also given me a wonderful man who helps make it happen. I don’t have any beauty routine. Maybe before I used to but not anymore. Now people tell me I look better than I used to.

Your carry natural hair…

It has always been that way for a very long time. At some point I had dreads also. This one is most convenient for me.

How have you coped living outside town where you were one of the happening babes?

In life, you can make action happen anywhere you are. So, for me, action is anywhere I am. Anywhere I find myself I make it happen. Today I am a happening babe for Christ.

What do you do for leisure?

I don’t have time for that. I look at my husband, he looks at me, and we share the word of God. We do some little crazy things like children and play around.

What is your advice for the current crop of actors in Nollywood?

They should keep it going. The industry has done very well for itself. I see room for greater things in every area and I would also want to say that rather than criticise what God has given to us, we should help to build it and stop the tear-down syndrome. We should know that it is a lot of struggle to produce even the shortest film or documentary when you take into cognisance the necessary infrastructure around. The world has been opened for us and we need to take the centre stage.

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Mrs A | 4/7/2013 5:57:41 AM
I am so happy for you Liz..i pray the lord continue to use and bless you.
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Lizz Ameye
Lalaland | 4/7/2013 6:09:09 AM |
Abegi shurrup make we see road pass jare! This ys preaching is just down right stewpid! After all ya waka waka you come here dey preach jack! Mtchew! Fyi you were too old to wear that ya obioma sewn so called wedding dress.
T mama
T mama | 9/17/2013 4:19:29 AM |
God wil hav mercy on u
Lizz benson
Lana jerry | 4/7/2013 6:27:13 AM |
Common shatap dare ad Go straight to d point ad stop talking through ur anus o.tell d journalist dat u need a script ad stop pretending coz we kw tey tey say hungry dey kill u ad ur hubby since u stop acting o.atleast they cn help u to get a role daz all.
i fit call u f**l for dat r*****h wey u talk
u fool *lala ,lana | 12/9/2013 1:34:38 PM |
Anty Liz
Chyke | 4/7/2013 3:09:54 PM |
God be with you. I miss you on my screen. Beautiful woman.
liz benson amaye
rabs | 7/31/2014 8:58:49 PM |
tank god 4 u. God keep u and ur husband. luv u liz
shup da f**k up lala
kasy | 4/7/2013 6:20:49 AM
u are the one to shup up bloody i***t dont u have a past as well??who d f**k are u to judge her past?ewu like u.ride on sweet liz let lala die of hbp.
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She has taken d rit path
Chi | 4/7/2013 6:30:57 AM
Tank God for ur life. Its gud dat u hav com to the knowledge of the truth
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Mrs.Chigo | 4/7/2013 9:42:31 AM
My sweets, today is my marriage anniversary....I need your sincere prayers for me and my family...
...God bless the both of you...
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Mrs Chigo
Lalaland | 4/7/2013 10:57:17 AM |
Happy anniversary and lolo n lalaa pray that you will have many joyful years with ya hubby. \god bless you and ya hubby with una family. Amen.xoxo
mrs chikago
ha ha | 4/7/2013 11:11:25 AM |
U are a joker ,lalaland will pray for u ,well very soon u will have a broken home,another woman will fhuck ur husband for ur korokoro eyes,yeye chikago pig.
Ash(the one) | 4/7/2013 9:43:30 AM
i love love liz benson and i really miss u on screen....but thank God i have Tonto Dikeh! may God continue to bless u all
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hapi 4 u liz
may | 4/7/2013 10:47:00 AM
Yes o everyone has a past but hw u go abt it mataz a lot, am hapi 4u liz may God continue to use u n bless u. IJN amen
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just a word 4 lala
may | 4/7/2013 10:48:03 AM
I pity u
Reply this thread
just two words for may
Lalaland | 4/7/2013 10:55:55 AM |
Pity yaself!
Be encourage
ROSE & SHARON | 4/7/2013 11:44:14 AM
Thanks to God for showing you the light ma. May God make u to stand in him forever without looking back in jesus name. God who has started a good work in u,will finish it.AMEN
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My best female actor
Robert | 4/7/2013 11:57:28 AM
She is stil my best female actor,very charming,fine lexcon and charismatic,missed her,good luck LIZZ.
Reply this thread
Mrs.Chigo | 4/7/2013 4:22:05 PM
Thanks and Godbless......
Reply this thread
miss u
gucci | 4/8/2013 3:18:27 AM
miss u on set but GOD work is d best.Happy for u,congrt
Reply this thread
God bless mama liz
queenie | 4/8/2013 3:29:06 AM
May God u in dis right track u hv chosen ,I miss u on my screen
Reply this thread
WHO CARES | 4/8/2013 10:06:12 AM
Reply this thread
Lala and Lana be warned
Na me biko | 4/8/2013 10:44:07 AM
Lala and Lana Jerry God in heaven will sqeeze your mouths to the back. When you dont know how marriage is and will never test one how can you appreciate someone else's. Una bad belle go kill una one after the other.

You see a prety woman at her age being attracted to a man to a point of being married you are there opening your s***king mouth. Who need your opinion?

Liz my dear glo for Christ and dame the devil.
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samuel afriyie | 4/9/2013 3:44:08 AM
becareful both of u, not to bring upon u and ur children generational curses, i think both of u are gradually getting mad,the feat Mrs Liz Benson Ameye has attain in life i want to believe no one in your poor family has gotten there if u dont bridle ur tongue u may land where u don't expect. i don't u lala and lolo will ever get to her level,if it is a joke stop them now because some of them are too expensive,get a life if u need help call me on +233231102427
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lafin awt loud.
lord.vee | 7/6/2013 4:10:43 PM
Thumbs up My Lady. Yhu ch0se a right part.. Pe0ple must try2 make sure u ch0pless bt n0be their fault them juz j0bless.. 4ck haterz.!!
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Beautiful woman
Ikk | 7/7/2013 11:11:59 PM
Liz i miss youoooooooooo
Reply this thread
Second 2 none beautiful angel
Unyime john | 7/12/2013 5:18:21 PM
D best thing dat can eva hapen 2 sombody is wen christ choses him or her 4rm where he was 2 where God designed 4 him u ar on d right direction may God continue 2 empower u
Reply this thread
The truth is that i've been to ur church severally.pls,liz,help me tel ur husband that he centers his message 2much on material him to preach wonder ghana burgers full d church
The truth | 12/20/2013 3:04:23 PM |
Liz eva beautiful
Kuzzy pretty | 7/14/2013 7:14:42 PM
Oh! I so luv dis lizzy, women of God. Thank god 4 u, u ve taken d rit step in life. God continue to strengthen u and ur ministry. God bles ur marriage and above all may u not miss heaven. As for lala and lolo, i command dem 2 go back to d pit of hell where dey belong cos dey talk lik d devil himself
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standn on d promises of God
Deeblaize | 8/2/2013 7:01:34 PM
Lizz itz gud 2 knw dat ur happy where u are i.e serving Christ d solid Rock.He who Began a gud work in u will b faithful 2 complete it.lyk d psalmist says "since i was born nd nw i am old i hav neva ciin d righteous forsaken"U will neva b 4sakn
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Miss you mama
Sylivia | 10/13/2013 12:56:47 AM
Mis u on the screen, am glad u r serving lord now! Good choice.
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BENJAMIN | 10/15/2013 11:02:41 PM
Reply this thread
Thank God
Amy | 12/15/2013 11:04:01 PM
I thank God for ur life. I pray that God who has smiled on u will do same to me. I believe he will draw me more closer to him and also bless me with another marriage in other to come out of d shackles of widowhood.
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ed | 1/9/2014 12:00:27 PM
wtf is making dis s****d he and she goats diss this noble woman? f*****h foools
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ed | 1/9/2014 12:00:48 PM
wtf is making dis s****d he and she goats diss this noble woman? f*****h foools
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ed | 1/9/2014 12:01:49 PM
wtf is making dis s****d he and she goats diss this noble woman? f*****h foools
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Star | 1/10/2014 7:42:39 PM
Lala n her cohort, its unfortunate dt u r unfortunate both in world n in da Lord. Wat can u make happen in ur life? Only 'noise' wch is even unwanted. U cannot tie liz's shoelace nt to talk of stand her presence, her will shrink yu. And if u dnt ask God fo forgiveness u wil b cursed wit a curse. bewarned!!!
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God Uphold You
Divine | 2/16/2014 11:13:49 PM
I pray God continues to uphold you and use you to let our actors know that the world is not the last place but God's house is where to be. I am really happy for you dear Liz, you left the world and decided to follow Jesus, you left the applause and decided to sing God's name! God bless you and your husband and continue to order your steps
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Ehi | 2/26/2014 7:19:49 PM
I sincerly thank God 4 yr life, though i miss u
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Ada | 4/9/2014 1:32:23 PM
Plz continue in God's vineyard. It's d best.
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