Nollywood Actor Ibrahim Chatta Explodes ''I Am Not A Gold digger''

Story by Babajide Ogunbumi/
Last Updated: Monday, May 13, 2013

Ibrahim Chatta and Salama Mohammed (New wife)

Nollywood Actor Ibrahim Chatta who got married to a Senator and former Kwara State Governor’s daughter, Salamat in April 2013 has been so hot on his friends on social media, Facebook recently when they wrote a nasty comment on his wall. The explosive comments he left was like a revelation about how he met his wife and how they both dated in the past before they now met again to solemnize their affair.

One o f the friends said, “Whatever it is, I hope he finds peace within his new marriage and I hope he has made peace with the mother of his son.”

Chatta responded, ''Yes I had my son out of wedlock, so how is it d poor boy's fault? Whatever u want to say does not matter I luv him. I have never been married 2 anyone b4 my wife so ppl should just have d fear of God b4 judging other ppl. Since the birth of my son, there has never been anytime I stayed in d same house with my baby mama for up 2 a month.

If only ppl keep tabs of what they read in d papers, some will remember my baby mama on AKEDE AGBAYE a Yoruba magazine of 12th march 2012 where my baby mama stated that she is in love with one mr Arinola Adams and that she will never marry me because I don't take of her and my boy.

D magazine further reported that Mr Adams who is also a movie actor and producer bought her a crysler car and that they were havin a movie project 2gether. Although havin knowing my beautiful wife since we were kids in Bacita, I wasn't involved with her as at d time of my baby mama involvement with her lover.

I granted interview 2 one reporter who intended 2 sell his own story 2 bring me down by re phrasing the things that I said b4 going 2 press.

Some blogs copied from this reporter's page and made it my own story like I granted them d interview, of course I called d reporter to tell him He didn't make me, so he cannot break me, and that God is D Judge of every act.

I told him ENI T'OLOHUN GBE DIDE T'ENI K'O SUBU, BI O SE WA SUBU YIO S'O JU OLOHUN. My baby mama told me of how she was manipulated into fight because d reported told her I said lots of bad things about her, she even showed me some messages and missed calls.

Truthfully Salamat is a beautiful woman and she's from a well to do family, but if I intended 2 marry 4 money, I wouldn't have been available when she came along. Some of my very good fans and friends can testify 2 d fact that I searched for well over two years for d right woman after d relationship btw me and my baby mama turned sour, even on social media like fb.

I am not a gold digger like some ppl wrote about me, I started life doing all sort of menial jobs like hawkin ice creams, meat(Eleran), doughnut and as well as worked as a bus conductor, even then those that knew me then can testify 2 d fact that I will never sell my conscience 4 money, 4 I like 2 hold my Head high. 2dy I have well over twenty ppl livin on d grace of God in me and that I can put food on my table is not d time 2 luv 4 money.

So if. Salamat is one OMO ALATA with her beauty and characters I will still go on my knees over and over again 2 ask her 2 marry me. So @Adebola Adeyemi and all other BAD BELE sadist like her/him, just because

I am an artist and I accept everyone's friend request doesn't give u audacity to judge me and put stupid comments on my wall. Everyone deserves 2 be happy, so do I, and if u are not happy 4 keep ur flipping comments 2 urselves and stay d hell away from my wall!!!''

Ibrahim with baby mama and son

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‘He Beat Me Till I Lost My First Pregnancy’ – Nollywood Actor Ibrahim Chatta’s Ex Reveals

“My ex-wife slapped me and I hit her back” –Nollywood Actor, Ibrahim Chatta

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shut up !
5/13/2013 5:35:15 AM
if you say you are not a gold digger,what about that married woman that you sent out of her matrimonial home here in rhode island? how she used to shop for you and when you ask her for money ,if you dont get it in time you start to have attitude with her.How you promised her you will marry her and she couldn't hide your love from her husband until she moved out hoping you will marry her and you dumped her ,when you didn't get the money as please mr ibrahim chatter shut the f**k up!!! and stop lying that you are not a gold digger.Most of you yoruba actors are gold diggers,i pity all the ladies that fall into your traps.
5/13/2013 6:10:26 AM
na ur eye e do?? god go forgive u
married f**l
5/13/2013 11:11:48 AM
Wats ibrahim fault that the woman left her matrimonial home, who is to be blame? Abeg talk wit sense.shes an adulterer adult good for her.
almost all 9jas are into it
5/13/2013 6:16:21 AM
mary point of correction, im not a yoruba, so dont point finger on any tribe cos almost all d actors n actress are gold diggers, in fact is trading well among Nigerians dis days, for me i cnt marry any woman cos of what she has when d love is not there
5/13/2013 7:50:33 AM
Judge ur self
5/13/2013 8:04:13 AM
Ganger i luv ur comment dnt mind her
5/13/2013 9:02:18 AM
Hehehehe.. You are not a gold digger but a silver digger..LOL
don't know don't care!
5/13/2013 2:57:35 PM
I don't even know who de hell this actor is with his ugly wife on de top of de pic. The one with him & de babe is beautiful....listen to urslf. what kinda actor can talk like that to his fans no matter how much they insulted u?! Don't u know that this is where we make fun at?! so we can find out ur really personality?! Well now we know. Ur a dump ass s****d & ghetto actor.....if ur not a really gold digger?! Then why Do u care?! Lets them talk........s****d!!!!!!
amj, u don't need to know him
5/13/2013 10:52:31 PM
Some people becomes fans to our celebrities just to get an avenue to insult them. Some fans need to be insulted becos they never see anytin gud in what our celebs are doing. Dis is simply jealousy, where d celebs are, they also wish to be there but can't make it, so they pass aggression. Some fans are s****d judge.
love 16/7/2013
5/16/2013 5:59:56 AM
Ibrahim, you would`t have left your formal wife, but all the same l like the way u act on stage and i love watching your movies,i wish you best of luck.
All left 4 u
Prince Akins Adex
5/17/2013 5:33:18 PM
I hav ntin 2 say dan all left 4 u
Nollywood News
5/18/2013 10:16:52 PM
Mind your business u dis pple,u are not his God.
only God can judge
5/19/2013 3:35:07 PM
To all my fellow dudes in d house pls and pls let leave dis guy alone only God can judge human being actions pls leave him alone..................
5/22/2013 11:55:25 AM
Mamas y are u so aggressive on people like this,,, Can"t people say their minds,,,
Only God know everytin so any they like let them say
6/18/2013 4:35:05 AM
Na only God know everytin any tin they like let them say eni baka lenu maro
6/21/2013 6:26:45 AM
God knws wt ppl dnt knw, bcos nobody knws the way they both treated them self nd d knd of life they live when the bby mama is wt ibrahim,they ar both claiming 2 be wright bt God knws mor dn d ppl in qstn,a thief wll nv call himself a thief whn s bn caught, but i pray GOD wll lead u true ibrahim chater
Silent would have been the bes
8/29/2013 11:13:23 PM
Ib, silent would have been ur best answer for these so called fans of urs who are behaving animalistic. What the hell does one's life got to do with them for crying out loud anyway?
You av got all the tmie explaining when u owe them not even a f.....kin dime. And for u all negative minded b***hes, if his baby mama had behaved well and if he enjoyed been with her would he have left her? cos you dont think before you blarb your b***hy mouth around.
He had left her years before he re-united with his newly married hobby. I beg u all just let the new couple be and enjoy their life.
Silver digger
10/8/2013 1:36:03 PM
U sald u are not a gold digger why did u live your formal wive then?
leave dis man and his new wife
10/24/2013 3:28:43 PM
leave dis man alone you are not his creator, he can do any thing he likes
Nawa o
11/4/2013 12:00:51 PM
I pray dat God can save ( wa bo ninu e) ibranhim chatta
Nawa o
11/4/2013 12:04:04 PM
I pray dat God we save u o cus is only God guiding our foot steps ( wa bo ninu e) ibranhim chatta
I dnt blame ibrahim
11/14/2013 1:55:12 PM
Life is a challenge is either u face it or u leave it,ibrahim ride on may almighty allah bless ur home wit fruit of d worm, dnt mind those dat are saying r*****h. Not everybody ll lik u wen u are progressing
2/4/2014 1:20:14 AM
You are such a great wonderful Nigerian actor and I love to watch your movies in UK.Let them say,it's normal for successful man like you to pass through all this but try to remember the son of whom you are,take good care of your lovely little Ibrahim C and God will be with your family,Amen.It's well with you.
god bless u
abosede ibadan
2/11/2014 11:40:23 AM
God bless u jawe ibrahim nd ur wife amen
Harbiodun Bright
2/11/2014 10:24:06 PM
I didn't say watin u do is good or Bad,buh u av 2 be very careful.moni baba n'gbejo kokan tiobasele tan.
Kept ur future
Harbiodun Bright
2/11/2014 10:25:25 PM
I didn't say watin u do is good or Bad,buh u av 2 be very careful.moni baba n'gbejo kokan tiobasele tan.
Eni ti olohun ba ponle ooo walai,koma seni tole yeye e
Abdulwasiu,tawa's younger brother
2/13/2014 8:52:49 PM
Brox,if nobody talk abt u ,u r nobody .Egbon pls make u live dem make dem dey jam talk na den sabi...Bt always says dis Alhamdulillah,dats ur response 2 dem
Be wise
T babe
2/14/2014 2:45:36 PM
Ib, i luv evetn abt u bt rememba woman wil alwzs b womam, bt tak care Ib junior very wel bcos is d apu of ur eye moreova in evetin u'r goin to do apply wisdom is d key to suces. Hap married life. Luv u
2/22/2014 7:50:53 AM
don't mind them ibrahim
4/19/2014 11:35:03 PM
Yeye s****d golddiger ibrahim ugly chatta
Ogunsakin Oluwaseun
4/22/2014 12:20:28 AM
It ws sooooo, sad and hapi wen i read soooo many comment abt ibrahim chatta, hello my people's we dnt ned to judge someone, wat we ned it to put him or her true,nt to send and insultive words, mr. Ibrahim Chatta, u dnt ned to annoy to ur commentators,u supose to no dat fingre re nt equal, so we av many charter,critic,and attitude,and also we av read alot abt does actor and actress,hw dey usually divorce and dey dnt av hapi home, bt all wnt i ned to say ws dat jst u ned to be veri vinglant,careful,becos poeple's re watching ur critic.
5/14/2014 10:15:59 AM
MR.Ibrahim Chatta u av to take care of ur baby , cox is ur first son but. Rember before u nw ur son u met ur wife first if u snd dem outr of d ouse give dem dere salary . Guddai
ika eniyan
7/9/2014 3:43:05 PM
egbon ika gidigidi niyin sekaseka ranti ojo atisun sugbon eranti eniyan baa feran lonbasoro oku sowoyin
Luv Your Acting On Stage
7/13/2014 8:38:35 PM
I Luv Ur Acting On Stage Let Anybody Xay Anytin ,dont B Discouraged,keep It Up
Olamilekan odux boy adedimeji
7/22/2014 4:48:09 PM
People lyk saying wat they dont no chatta dnt care of wat people sayu
7/31/2014 7:18:42 PM
Ibrahim Chatta we love ur acting here in Switzerland. Unfortunately the price you pay as an actor is "no privat life". Just ignore the bad belles and live your life...
8/8/2014 12:53:56 AM
Pls uncle ibrahim "let them say"
Chatta my frend.
Kadijat isah
8/11/2014 3:39:38 PM
Chatta, am bak again ur frend on facebuk d gal dat ned ur num, on my own reply is dat u should do asive u did nt c anytin or do asive u did nt hear anytin. Bcos de are nt ur God just live dem alone, let dem say na dem sabi, God will do d best.07061856551
Ibigiga layeee chatta
8/16/2014 11:11:16 AM
Efiwon si le ejekan ma solo orinwon ni ooo ejekan ma kolooo
adebayo famous
9/16/2014 9:54:12 AM
the lady is the one 2 blame
Great star
4/6/2015 9:47:13 PM
Anyone that have glory must also face agony of life in the one way of the other so chatta let them say.

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