Why Is Tee A Angry? [Picture]
Story by Osaremen Ehi James/Nigeriafilms.com
Click for Full Image Size When the roll call of top Nigerian comedians are called, it is very certain that Tee A would make the top 10 list. Those who know the humour merchant very well attest to the fact that he is a cool-headed person to be with.

But on this day, at the Silverbird Cinema in Lagos, the comedian seems to have been in a very bad mood. It was very obvious that he couldn't hide his anger anymore as he had to publicly show it.

The sharp lens of celebrity photographer, Daniel Sync was quick to capture Tee A's mood that day. But why is Tee A angry? I hope you are not thinking what I am thinking? (If you ask me, na who I go ask?)

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FMA | 5/19/2013 10:55:08 AM
Let's ask google
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Helen A. | 5/19/2013 12:22:06 PM |
I think FMA will make a good comedian. I love your response.
You make me laugh. Nice one.
Ehm mm
Sly | 5/20/2013 12:29:31 AM |
To start with,the dude can't even make the Top 20 List of comedians in 9ja.
Secondly,I don't know what his face looks like when he's happy,therefore can't even say if he's angry.
So,second base jare.
Christy | 5/19/2013 12:03:36 PM
NFC, since u don't know whom to ask, why not ask google as FMA suggested. Nonsense news, mtchewwwwwwwwwwwww
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Why should we care?
Tantra | 5/20/2013 7:23:54 AM
Why is this news? He is not in my list of first 50 comedians because his jokes are as dry as the waters of Sahara desert. It is up to him to sort himself out. Next news,pls.
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Comed... What
Mr | 5/21/2013 4:17:17 AM
Is he a comedian?...God my gosh he should not be on the
list atall.
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tee a
sholly | 5/22/2013 7:28:17 PM
Honestly I like tee a personally but to be truthful, he's not funny at all .his jokes are extremely dry.nd pls tee a can u add some spice to dat your time out with tee a.I hate the programme.very dry nd annoying, especially the one with princess.
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