Wahala Dey ooo:Charles Taylor's Family Ejected From Calabar Mansion + No Aides, No cruising Of Luxury Cars, No partying, No Money To Spend Lavishly

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Last Updated: Tuesday, May 21, 2013

See what one of the Africans former president family are facing because of greed in African country's

According to a story in Encomium magazine, the family of former Liberian president and war crimes prisoner, Charles Taylor, have been ejected from their N2.5million per year rented mansion in Diamond Hills in Calabar, Cross Rivers state.

The family he left behind in Calabar as he faced criminal charges in The Hague were ejected because they were unable to pay their rent. The house belongs to Dr. Joseph Wayas, the Second Republic Senate President.

His wife and kids, who have since been abandoned by the former president's friends and business associates, now live in a small flat at the state housing estate along Murtala Mohammed highway in Calabar. No aides, no cruising of luxury cars, no partying, no money to spend lavishly. That's their new life now.

Charles Taylor was forced to resign as president and take up political asylum in Nigeria. He arrived Nigeria with his family on August 12, 2003 but was extradited in 2006 to stand trial for war crimes.

In 2012, he was found guilty of all 11 counts of "aiding and abetting" war crimes and crimes against humanity.

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5/21/2013 9:59:55 AM
all african leaders will surely reap what they sow.
5/21/2013 10:00:21 AM
We should be careful how we live our lives today cos nobody knows tomorrow. Whatsoever a man sows...................................
OBJ's Time Is Coming .
Umunna Paul
5/21/2013 1:59:37 PM
Tell that Old b*****d Junk - OBJ ,that his time is coming when he will reap the fruit of all the bad seeds he is sewing in this f*****g country called Nigeria .
5/21/2013 11:22:21 AM
Nemesis has finally caught up with him
5/21/2013 11:47:57 AM
Next is gambian president yaha jammeh mad man
Obasanjo Betrayed Hin
Umunna Paul
5/22/2013 6:14:20 AM
The Old b*****d Junk - OBJ betrayed Charles Taylor ,that's yoruba man for you . Let poeple like Buhari smell the leadership of Nigeria again ,they will cut OBJ's feather . He is the most greedy porson I have ever set my eyes on . OBJ - Greedy monkey - like old beast .
5/21/2013 3:43:32 PM
What a day!
Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift, That is why it is called the present. Again, everything that has a beginning has an ending. Leaders make your peace with those you rule and all will be well.
Thank God for God
Sammy (Udokim)
5/22/2013 2:47:27 AM
I will never stop being grateful to The Almighty for making this earth in a spherical form. If you are on top today, try to help others grow rather than aiding their continuous downfall. This implies that when the law of earth sphericality turn you down tomorrow, the person u abandoned when u were on top will never help you. God bless Late Luck Dube (Be good to be people you see on your way up because you may need them on your down). Charles Taylor - hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa
Bad English.
5/22/2013 8:53:07 AM
Nigeriafilms, the word is greed, NOT greediness!
Who writes your stories, secondary school graduates?
What a Pity
5/27/2013 12:09:16 PM
Its a shame! The agony and humiliation that family is going through can't be overemphasized. A one time president? 0 My God!
dis is jst de beninning
6/21/2013 3:35:23 AM
dis is jst de beinning of ur bad leaders dem most reap wnt der sow,dem tink der is no God sha God we judge all of dem fr der wicked heart dem we beg fr de poor if dem no repnt all de nigeria leaders will face de sum tins hahahahaha chales ur own na small tin yeye leaders buhari ibb obj atiku bone da fr una neck oooooo
9/16/2013 10:35:32 AM
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10/14/2013 10:05:04 PM
wat goes around comes around, God can not be mocked 4 wat so eva a man sows so shall he reap
Sean Jerry
10/30/2013 12:38:41 PM
it's a pity. His s****dity led his family to dat, anyway it's a lesson to dose corruption politicians.
3/5/2014 10:41:52 AM
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