NEWS FLASH: Plane Crash-Landed On The Road In Igando, Lagos [Pictures]
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Click for Full Image Size A plane crash-landed on the road in Igando, Lagos in the early hours of Thursday. Residents on their way to work were shocked to see the plane on the road. It has been confirmed that the scrap private plane belong to Bethel Ministries Inc.

On hearing the news, hundreds of residents trooped out with their camera phones and queued behind the gate bar of Dapsey Oil filling station at Igando where the plan was packed to take shots.

A senior officer of the filling station said the plane was being removed from the Ikeja Airport to Badagry when one of the tires burst and it had to be packed around 2am.

The police are having tough time controlling the swelling crowd and a young man has been arrested by the Igando police station.

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person | 6/13/2013 4:08:47 AM
Tank God no life was lost
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Lalaland | 6/13/2013 4:24:52 AM |
Wahala! So the planes dont even leave nigeria towns anymore and just crash anywhere now? Goodness gracious!
Lord have mercy
The Enforcer | 6/13/2013 4:34:58 AM |
Hahahahahahaha, ewoooooo! I can't stop laughing - only in Naija. Thank God lives were not lost this time, they should leave the plane there as tourist attraction.
poshmum | 6/13/2013 4:43:41 AM |
tourist attraction ??? LMAO jezzz .
The Enforcer | 6/13/2013 5:03:26 AM |
Is it not funny to look at?
Lalaland | 6/13/2013 2:07:53 PM |
It is very funny o and unbelieveable! Na for only hollywood blockbuster films i have seen this happen o! Ahahaahaaaaaa!!
God is wonderful
Peace | 6/13/2013 4:18:25 AM
Tanx be to God amighty for d safety of his children,dat nothing happend to any body.
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Chief arraja | 6/13/2013 4:23:55 AM
I dey inside d plane but wen i c say the plane wan crash na so i use d ofor wey ojiobgiji give me take disappear enter 4 my secret gbam,ojiobgiji u to much
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aniks | 6/24/2013 3:05:22 PM |
Lol... U bi maaaaaaad man, very funny
Smuchean | 6/13/2013 4:44:23 AM
Naija onor nor. Best country in Africa even though we rough
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Jesus u are wonderful
iya | 6/13/2013 4:53:46 AM
Thank u Jesus for no life is lost. Thank u Lord
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NEMA debunks such news
Iyk | 6/13/2013 5:43:15 AM
It is a lie! There was no such incident in the Nigerian airspace as NEMA says. NEMA says it is a rumour. It is what the social media are circulating with superimposed aircraft photos to make it look real. Don't believe it. It did not happened.
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Plane in Igando
Anonymous | 6/13/2013 5:47:10 AM
I feel so sorry for whoever wrote this story because again, it confirms the level of illiteracy and low level of attention to detail of our journalists. Will a plane crash land into a filling station without going up in flames? The truth is, the plane was simply being moved to a site in Badagry from the MMA so as to decongest the airport. I'm surprised none of the comments here even points in this direction.
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Mama ejima | 6/13/2013 2:30:43 PM |
The third paragraph clearly states that an official of the Ikeja airport said that the plane was being removed from the airport but the tyres got punctured and had to be parked at the filling station at about 2am.

Can someone please explain to me how everyone interpreted that to mean that the plane crash landed ? The journalist is not to blame here please. I'm tired of the level of ignorance exhibited by most people on cyberspace. I don't mean to be rude but it's irritating.l
Plain clash
Vanger Richard adzomon | 6/13/2013 7:01:04 AM
I don't want 2 hear such a thing again
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One of the Prophecy this Year
Igho Sunday | 6/13/2013 7:07:40 AM
We just have to pray because more is still yet to happen. Thank God that none die from it.
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Scrapped plane
Senzzy | 6/13/2013 7:17:23 AM
Scrapped waoh dis journalist na f**l oh
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Plane landed on the street
Frank (UK) | 6/13/2013 7:43:24 AM
The enforcer, its unfortunate have not been out of Nigeria that is why it surprised that its only happened in Nigeria. I lived in the western world, and i can tell you that it happens all the time. we've how many plane landed in the back yard, on the street, even on the highway with many casualties.

So if such things happened don't always think its only in Nigeria. Thank GOD no life lost.
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Frank the he-goat
The Enforcer | 6/13/2013 8:47:51 AM |
Common meshonu for dia, which Western world hungry man like you dey. Nah for Peckham abi Brixton you dey live? I sure say you dey do security for Dagenham nah him you wan come show body for hia abi? Useless he-goat, me am not visiting your so-call Western world, I was born, school, marry and working for the government for dia but will remain Naija for life ewu! Abi dem never tell you say NFC is for fun loving people and not to be taken seriously - go drink otapiapia and do the rest of us a favour. Fhooooool
Cuca | 6/13/2013 11:02:14 AM
The plane was being driven on the road overnight and the tire bursted and just got packed at the fuel station. It will continue in the night again.
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he wanted to buy fuel
apama | 6/13/2013 1:25:34 PM
plane landed in a fuel station shey he wan buy fuel or na wetin? This one wey nema dey tell us say na rumour the people wey go there go confirm am say true dey lie too abi?abeg make una go find something do abeg!naija no go spoil o....
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nothing mega
plan crash | 6/13/2013 3:24:30 PM
Plane crash for my backyard i no come know.shebi vulcanizer dey near dempsey oil?u sure say nor be witch take am fly by 2am as dem fire am e come turn to plane..thank God say no be my zinc e land sha!
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sexy | 6/13/2013 3:29:33 PM
Enta road na road crash , plane plane crash , sea sea crash everytin na crash. Mayb we go begin treck hoping nd praying one won't have leg crash. Lord have mercy
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oh 9ja
tessy | 6/13/2013 4:25:28 PM
Things dey happen 4 we county oooh,plane wan buy fuel oooh
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Plane at egan
Ats king adigun | 6/14/2013 1:24:34 AM
Oga plane at egan olowoila bus stop
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jide | 6/14/2013 3:15:26 AM
hahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahaha so funny cat stop to laught tourist attraction
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Seen is beliving
Xholip | 6/14/2013 10:20:18 AM
If somethings happen within your country, go there for comfirmation... Pls dont critizes any reporter... This is real please
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CHIDIAFULUKWE | 6/14/2013 12:08:50 PM
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plane in igando
abinky | 6/14/2013 2:50:51 PM
i even went der dat mrng its through d jonarlisr are nt lyin buh only wat i dnt undertnd is ao d plane got der
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Ignorance a problem
Na me biko | 6/20/2013 4:00:19 AM
It's rather unfortunatethe way pple just comment on things even when they lack knowledge and understanding of such issues. The fact is that the plane was being towed from the already congested airport to a site at Badagry and when the tire pulled out it made it difficult to be towed so it was consequently dropped pending when the situation is rectified. Okwaya!!!
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Na waooo
aniks | 6/24/2013 3:29:24 PM
U knw say some pple name na lie, dia papa name na lie. Dem no go believe na
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omo dis wOn no bee shere shere
ojulopesi | 7/11/2013 5:25:07 PM
Ale amdulilahi say ramadan dey
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SMARTMAFIA | 10/3/2013 11:37:38 AM
God Save d Lyf Of d Pilot sha,,maybe him tym never Reach,,but NTA News no qet truth 4 Mouth ooo,,dem too dey lie jor
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SMARTMAFIA | 10/3/2013 11:42:40 AM
Maybe na ALOMO BITTERS HIM TAKE B4 D IGNITION OF D PLANE,,I blv he qot short of Power on d AIR-ROAD,,so he thouqt dat Fuellinq it miqht b a wise idea,,but unfortunately,D Station wz closed then....Laff Dey Shoot Me Gun
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plane crash
ib | 10/3/2013 12:40:49 PM
Related to d matter arisen here picture of d plane crash is all over every where now pple ar using it as dp and saying many lives lost as d result of d crash, God help us .
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