Mercy Johnson’s Hips Can't Contest Mine + I Have The Best Figure In Nollywood – Crystal Okoye
Story by Ayo Onikoyi
Click for Full Image Size Crystal Okoye hasn’t got a profile as long as an arm but her profile is rich, unusual and fascinating. Barely a year on the scene, the curvaceous twenty-something has done 18 movies with more than 5 of those as the leading lady- now, that’s a profile even the best in the industry will gawk at. In this chat with Weekend Groove, the newest sensation in Nollywood as she has come to be known shares her experience, her rise to fame and what makes her tick: enjoy…

What has worked for you in the industry; your talent or beauty?

I will say both. Before then I used to look at myself in the mirror and tell myself “Crystal, you are beautiful”. I am beautiful. I am well-shaped. I have straight legs. I decided to come into the industry, not just with my physical attributes but also because of my talents.

In Nollywood, you may be beautiful but if you are not talented you can’t get any where but I thank God I have everything. The talent, the beauty, the figure and everything. In Nollywood, beauty and talent goes hand in hand.

What about your embarrassing moments?

The one I can remember happened when I was still looking to have a shot at acting. Then, I reported at a location and the producer gave me a note where he instructed me to meet him at a hotel room. I felt so embarrassed. He told me the role would not be available for me if I didn’t report at the hotel. I left the set and never showed up for the job. If you want me I want you to come up to me and tell me you want me but tying it to anything else puts me off.

What do you think are your selling points?

My selling point are my hips. I think Mercy Johnson’s hips are just learning where mine are. I know that I am well-shaped. If you ask me, I have got the best shape in Nollywood. And it is just not my hips alone, my eyes, my legs and my height as a woman all compliment my nice figure.

You may say I don’t have the front but I have the back. The back speaks for me.

Is it true that upcoming actors and actresses now pay producers to be featured in films?

They do that. Some pay their way to be featured. Yes, it is happening alright.

Have you ever had to do that?

God forbid. I would rather give up the job than succumb to that. I am an actress, the producer is supposed to pay me not the other way round.

What’s your idea about s^x. Should it be done only after marriage?

Sex is a free gift from God, meant for us, man and woman to enjoy ourselves. I don’t believe in that ‘after marriage’ crap. I believe in sex before marriage because it is very important you know partner very well, sexually and otherwise, before you two are sworn together for life.

If you don’t know the person very well (s^xually) before marriage, what happens if the person doesn’t live up to your expectations? What if the person cannot perform? I don’t think there’s a woman who wants to end up with a man who cannot perform.

So, a man must be able to perform before you can consider marrying him?

Yes o. If a man cannot perform I have no business with him. You have to be a complete man to be with me.

So you prefer s^x to money in marriage?

My dear, money comes first o. Money rules the world. But sex too is very important because without s^x the marriage cannot be sweet. God has given s^x as a gift to enjoy.

Who are your role models in the industry?

My first person is Pete Edochie. I see in him a father figure, a father I have lost. Then there is Bukky Ajayi, Onyeka Onwenu, Stephanie Okereke and some others.

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Jaunty | 7/19/2013 1:34:59 PM
This is the endtime , do what pleases you, fornication and adultry is a sin and no human civilization can change it. I'm sure diz local actress sleep with the so called producers to get roles
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Get lost woman!
Nneoma | 7/19/2013 1:51:11 PM |
Where is d shape dat can compete with dat of Mummy Purity? Is it this one am seeing here or u left some at home? Also d beauty u brag about, am sure u must have sold some in ur local market bcos all i see in d above pix is a cheap ugly worworish attention seeking mgbeke woman. Mtchewwww!
chioma - NY | 7/19/2013 2:07:48 PM |
You are blind, make appointment with your eye doctor.
Nneoma | 7/19/2013 4:26:54 PM |
Thnx 4 d advice madam Chioma! But if u are d one up there, den i must confess u are d main reason why d word UGLY was formulated.
chioma - NY | 7/19/2013 5:33:35 PM |
hahahahaha, you are hollywoodbrainwashed, and yet to see beauty from its natural definition.
Luk at dis f**l
Remita | 7/19/2013 7:13:32 PM |
Crystal or wateva u cal urself go hide unda a pillow nd remain dia tl furda notice..mtchewww mj s definately more sexier dan u..evn ma ebube sexy pass u..gerrout lemme c road.u r nt evn butiful..mtchewww.
Gorgeous Woman
fredo | 7/20/2013 8:30:20 AM |
Stp d crap, y d arguement? a gorgeous lady knws herself... u dnt av 2 brag in d name of is nt d face, beauty comes frm d far as am concerne we ar al wanderfully made u aint beta dan me and i aint beta dan 4 u crystal i think u dnt even knw d value of marriage...u blive in (sex b4 marriage). and i believe dat u ar nt even a virgin... u aint even assame of saying such a tin in d public... blive me if u dnt stp dat u may hardly get a gud husband... and u knw wat? i hate suger mumy's... bles u bt b wise i aint trying 2 insult any1 if i do 4gv me... bt d truth remains wr its...
shut that gota u call mouth
ELLA | 7/19/2013 7:26:15 PM |
Abego, who be this one and where she come from? Another question pls, where's d figure she's talking about? MtcheewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, yeye dey smell, bia mgbeke, u no look urself for mirror before u commot for house? Who born u to compare urself with Mercy pwetty Johnson? Attention seeker, what's she acting? Got figure my cute ass. Rubishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, u see that mercy's figure? That's what we call figure and it's God's gift. Odeh.
overused V before marriage
Mabel | 7/19/2013 10:37:27 PM |
Crystal it's obvious you your way into nollywood.
It is okay as long as you don't get the f-u-c-k and destroy your v.a.g.i.n.a before marriage. As you said " Sex is a free gift from God, meant for us, man and woman to enjoy ourselves" keep on distributing it to every dick and harry. With the current economic situation where men roam about the street without jobs, you can also help thenm occupy their time sexually, but when you get STD, HIV, unwanted pregnancy don't come and lament to us.

is she relate 2 psquare / oge
me again | 7/19/2013 4:52:35 PM |
is she related to psquare or oge Okoye
Selling point is her Hips-ode
mtchewwss | 7/19/2013 5:19:38 PM |
shouldn't her Selling point be the one reason that an employer should hire her above all other candidates?like a package of skills and qualities that are uniquely hers and not body part. Not even creativity was mentioned, how she stands out , providing solution , making a name / brand name (omoT & Genevieve), marketing concept etc. She was chosen over millions of applicant into Nollywood because of her hips and had the cheek to compare it MJ's own.
One kwesion pls....
Lalaland | 7/20/2013 6:58:55 PM |
....WHAT is this one? Mtcheeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!
star my foot
omotola | 7/19/2013 6:43:50 PM |
Nigerian movie producers nd directors re d crap nd nt d nigerian movies nd actors dats fact.reasons i said so is bcoz no mata hw gud u re nd hw u culd act iv ur director is nt gud bn no mata wot efford u mak wont stil cum out gud,nd in a situation wia d dia is an actor dat hav no talent or beta stil cnnt act,iv d producers nd directors rili kwns wot dey re doin dat actor shuld appear on fink dia shuld b a talent in everi person dat wants 2 b a star so dis naija entertainment tin shuld work out dia shuld b a chance 4 everi citizen in naija dat finks he or her has a talent shuld b able 2 display dis talent he or she hav got let d entertainment producers pick 4rm dia nd nt bcoz dia is a familarity wif a producer,director or actors dn shuld made way or dia body anatomy (hips, breast etc).dy hav 2 mak sur he or she cn perform well.

Learn to write
Jesse | 7/19/2013 8:02:20 PM |
What's with your shortcut english? you ain't writing your boyfriend or mates, this is public comment... i nearly got headache reading your comment thank God i stopped.
How can one understand this your blah blah english writing, is this what you kid went to school to learn these days, or you're just forming as university yarning... WTF!!
feel sorry for you....
jesse take it easy
feelinfunky | 7/19/2013 10:04:45 PM |
lol..thank God you stopped....why take panadol for another person's headache ehen. why are your hormones shouting out? get off the " too serious" attitude.I assumed Omotola is better than that.It was simply a joke, after all i read the post too. Thats what gbeborunism cause you.

kai the way people act with what they read on the net, i hope what they hear in real life, does not give them a high blood pressure lmao!!!
WHY | 7/20/2013 6:17:24 AM |
You are not making sense,write sensible and right spelling english.That is why when people need serious business they dont find you credible.
OLU ABEFE | 7/24/2013 8:24:22 PM |
Young girl, take it easy. Your answers to the interview questions show how morally bankrupt you are. You mean it is okay to test men's sexuality before marriage, to pick 'the right one'. Sorry, you may end up picking HIV instead. My advice: give your life to JESUS before you finally make a mess of your destiny.
truth be said
olori | 9/7/2013 11:10:47 PM |
pastors ma no dey even borther preach against sex b4 marriage like before. Now, pastors na business men looking for customers. Civilization has torn religion. Dats hard and bad enuf... And dis are de silly pple or so called stars alot are modelling deir lives after.... Nollywood is a pack of trash
Nah lie
Apple | 7/19/2013 1:35:07 PM
I disagree with you madam! Go carry chair sit down !
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ADENIKE | 7/19/2013 1:45:22 PM
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Notice me or i quench!
Diva | 7/19/2013 1:55:02 PM
2 start wit,y blow ur trumphet so loud,is it hips advert or interview....ur selling point my foot...must u metion mj? Plus i dnt c d hips o,let ur swag speak 4 u nd nt d oda way round! U said u ar an actress ryt? Y nt let ur acting skills speak 4 u.... Aunty alariwo
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U can't compare
Benso | 7/19/2013 2:00:23 PM
At Nneoma, maybe she left some at home, she can't compare her hips with Mama Purity at all, at all. Pls Crystal don't say that again, God gave Mercy what she can carry n u have yours. Content with what u have, ok.
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Okland | 7/19/2013 2:13:20 PM
Crystal Okoye you only get y a r s h but no breast oooooo. The two form what we call shape beautiful shape like that of MJ.
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c.k | 7/19/2013 2:45:19 PM
are u going to eat ur ass
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Upstart anthem
Pete | 7/19/2013 2:49:59 PM
Na today? Upstarts always use beefing and controversy to launch and get attention in the entertainment world.A good product needs little advert.It markets itself! Your butt is shapely but have you heard your superiors ,mj and omo sexy make any noise about their stunning figures?
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sleek | 7/19/2013 3:06:16 PM
Anoda desperate ashewo in d makn! Start fhuckn nd suckn plenty blokos nd pussies, ur colleague even give deir asshole as well 4 movie script. Do d above mention u ll become a superstar in nollysheitfhuckn wood
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u r fat
chibuzo | 7/19/2013 3:47:50 PM
My dear, u are too fat. Go and workout plssss.
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Ajagba Verdict
Chukwuemeka | 7/19/2013 4:12:02 PM
Dis girl,with all this your useless & shameless response and declaration of love for sex,i will leave your case in the hands of high Chief Justice Ajagba.
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Leave Mercy out of it
keshi | 7/19/2013 4:55:20 PM
Get your focus right and stop using Nollywood as advertising medium to attract potential sugar daddies and men. untrained girl.
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Amaka | 7/19/2013 4:59:01 PM
bloated ass,carry waka joor..u musn't say u'r d sexiest,let the people say u'r..looking 4 cheap fame freak,am sure different sizes of dicks,helped in pumping ur ass.
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How did she get into Nollywood
quebe | 7/19/2013 5:07:58 PM
Shame to any man that supports a lady with such character. A woman with a sense of independence can never be r*****hed rather men will fall at her feet. guys are they cause of materialism in her everything she demands even if it's very silly or unnecessary just to get into her pants. cars, phones, expensive bags etc for a hole that has no variant just the face and body shape.

What do you think are your selling points?>> she said her hips and not even her talents or unique thing she brought into nollywood.
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Be careful wit ur life
Nony | 7/19/2013 5:20:47 PM
Pls miss crystal or wateva u call ur sef becareful wit ur life. U talk as if. u dont know that ur beauty will fade one day
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NO brain
femo | 7/19/2013 5:24:27 PM
The greed has to do with value system and again, some girls wanna dress, walk, fart sef like beyonce! Whereas they always forget that, beyonce WORKED for her cash!
she cannot even mention one thing she contributed intoo Nollywood. our society is all about cash, money and more money. It is so sad!!!!!Men share part of the blame too.They give and give as if they are foooools. cheesy. How else do you explain a man meeting a girl today and giving her 100K for shopping the next day?
Demand and supply;perfect market. She has got her hips to sell to viewers.
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mumu girl
comfy | 7/19/2013 5:26:55 PM
Hahahahahahaha who are u 2 compare your dirty self with mummy purity? U never start, hungery gal like u
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selling pt na toto
Ewu | 7/19/2013 5:28:08 PM
Na toto cause toto sweet die lol

Looking for toto and looking for talent na two different matter. In Naija, you must pay for toto.
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purity | 7/19/2013 5:45:47 PM
who born this ode
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packagin or talent
cj | 7/19/2013 5:51:22 PM
paying and bribing their way up into the movie industry...and even down too' these girls have seen easy ticket to everlasting feeding and show off through their lottery tickets b**bs , yanch, hips , bleached skin, pretty face to attract some money bag maga through their r*****h acting
what they want, their body, learn to use them too. You give em the dough, they just might get laid. Prost1tution comes in different packages, it's a dog eat dog world.
Nigerian movie needs much more accountability. they have to get the trash out. This is the reason why some of those movies are so badly done.
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Cheif ajaagba | 7/19/2013 5:59:54 PM
U 2 ugly o
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chief ajaaagba
Ime | 7/19/2013 8:42:03 PM |
i want f**k am if i get my hand on her
celebrity or what
Chris | 7/19/2013 6:02:48 PM
And when u to critize the directors,they'll tell u they are'nt being supported financially. But which organisation(private,public or international) would spend money on low quality How many paparazzi they run follow this people sef? I don't think I need to delve into their payout before we can say they are making it big or not. After reading the interview I have evry reason to believe that the industry needs a total revamp. 2morrow she 'ii say she is a celebrity
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Forming on 0 level
umm | 7/19/2013 6:16:44 PM
she acted 2 or 3 movies and now thinks her hips is the big thing happening. Mercy has got talent and not just hips , what i see is a fat woman. Abeg go sit down jhor . I blame producers who sees things from money's point of view instead of quality.hisss!
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Mercy is not competin wif u
Fathia | 7/19/2013 6:39:57 PM
what a bad interview. Loads and loads of movies but quality is suspect. it seems they are just employing anybody into the movie industry and good actresses/ actors are leaving.Most importantly, some of them should get some formal education on acting and interview skills.
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Cheap publicity#mgbafor#
CuteNelly | 7/19/2013 7:44:51 PM
We 4 no even read am if nt dt she mentioned Mercy Johnson name 4 inside. Mgbeke feeling Funky, taa gbafuo!!!!!!
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bad girl
johnnita | 7/19/2013 7:50:47 PM
U need to stop.
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crystal okoye
tash | 7/19/2013 9:13:15 PM
What eyes body and legs and hips you say you are the best nollywood actress or yoy have best body and look girl please you have no hips and no breast no long legs u see girls look like you there is a actress from the movie silent burner that looks just like her in the face the one that is kinda fat but she act the part as the one that says she take the guy picture and pray for him to be with her in the night and have a good relationship i think andy chukuwu was the guy in the movie i forgot the actress name that act in the movie but she is a nice person coxompare to you and popular in lots of movie you girl have nothing on mercy johndon or omotola or so many other actress like uche you have no humbleness girl you just a thing of the mmoment
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crystal okoye
tash | 7/19/2013 9:18:36 PM
What eyes body and legs and hips you say you are the best nollywood actress or yoy have best body and look girl please you have no hips and no breast no long legs u see girls look like you there is a actress from the movie silent burner that looks just like her in the face the one that is kinda fat but she act the part as the one that says she take the guy picture and pray for him to be with her in the night and have a good relationship i think andy chukuwu was the guy in the movie i forgot the actress name that act in the movie but she is a nice person coxompare to you and popular in lots of movie you girl have nothing on mercy johndon or omotola or so many other actress like uche you have no humbleness girl you just a thing of the mmoment
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crystal okoye
tash | 7/19/2013 9:19:39 PM
What eyes body and legs and hips you say you are the best nollywood actress or yoy have best body and look girl please you have no hips and no breast no long legs u see girls look like you there is a actress from the movie silent burner that looks just like her in the face the one that is kinda fat but she act the part as the one that says she take the guy picture and pray for him to be with her in the night and have a good relationship i think andy chukuwu was the guy in the movie i forgot the actress name that act in the movie but she is a nice person coxompare to you and popular in lots of movie you girl have nothing on mercy johndon or omotola or so many other actress like uche you have no humbleness girl you just a thing of the mmoment
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Banga | 7/19/2013 9:35:36 PM
Who be you self ? Housefly and grasshopper are they same weight? Where is the hips beside Mercy Johnson hips? Have you paid your dues in nollywood? Your face don't look familiar at all .You don't respect the NOLLYWOOD DEVAS I mean NOLLYWOOD CELEBRIITIES. What is this childish noise you are making?Hope you are not suffering from head injury?Behave yourself pls and respect the confirmed celebrities and achievers.You need a head tag or identity for people to know who you are.Dont just bust into a gathering of celebrities because the doorman will turn you back.
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you are wrong
Tumi | 7/19/2013 9:39:56 PM
Stop propagating the wrong message. I know that all sorts of demonic doctrines are going around now. Sex after marriage is the proper thing. Better watch out for HIV, it's still going on at an alarming rate.
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s****d actress wanna b
Angel | 7/19/2013 10:05:09 PM
Bcos u acted 1 or 2 movies! U now consider urself an actress. Mumu. U no see MJ's back.
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Crystal bad role model
fact | 7/19/2013 10:16:59 PM
Anyway, sex before marriage and/or outside marriage is wrong.
plus great sex outside marriage doesn't guarantee great sex in marriage for those of U with the theory of sampling as Ur excuse. its wrong in the eyes of God. . accepted in the eyes of man. Take your pick God or Man.SATAN and his agents have succeeded in blind-folding many people's face! SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE IS WRONG. Marriage is not about sex alone, remember?. plus all you talked about is your body.
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nothing to offer
Edochie | 7/19/2013 10:48:54 PM
These days girls can do everything for money. The other day a girl was asking for 100k for sex on twitter. Peter Edochie was right when he said girls beg for sex to be given movie roles.

Here is part of the interview in 2012
As an old hand in the movie industry, have you groomed any actor or actress?

Yes, my role model as you heard me shout is Mercy Johnson, that is my African Queen. Of all the girls in Nollywood, she is the person I love most because she is natural to a fault, she can fit in anything, she is over natural, and I like her because she does it well anytime any day, I give it to her. After Mercy Johnson, Chioma Chukwuka, Ini Edo, Genevieve, you see all these girls, they are all good but of all the girls, Mercy Johnson is still the best.

why would Crystal compare herself to Mercy , that how beefing starts. She has nothing to offer Nollywood except her body she so much over hyped, besides she is no where near some of the upcoming actresses in terms of beauty or stature.
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suwegbe aw old are you
wtf | 7/19/2013 11:02:24 PM
Guys will just keep using and dumping you like a rag if you think sex is a free gift, it's girls like you that makes guys call ladies Ho.
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Crystal okoye on Marriage
quotes | 7/19/2013 11:12:46 PM
Aiming too high is the genesis of all these problems. Ladies tends tend to b materialistic than realistic. Aside from up growing influence from single parent; Greed, Over exposure, pomposity, not God fearing and not following God's will for their life put them in the mess. Reason we have high level of over 30s and single, They flex life when they are 20 ,date difrent guys önly to wake up in their 30s . Until marriage is viewed in the right direction, the way God designed it originally, we wud keep getting it wrong. mtchwewws
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GOD Bless ME
Lighty | 7/20/2013 1:26:28 AM
Crystalbelly,You Crazieeeee,Mercy Johnson carry front she carry Back she too package and dat is 1 reason U can never ever bi lky her,anyway Thank GOD 1st dat U alive to Say dis nonsense U said, wise and don't bi stupic, Pray U Marry A 9ice GOD choose Man.......
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relibaby | 7/20/2013 3:44:59 AM
Am glad you said you have the back but no front. Sorry to inform you that the two way back and front makes Mercy Jonhson a complate woman . Beside if you must come out to show your beauty why mension Mercy johnson. She does,nt care about you but yet you made her a center of your interviw. You are just a beginer, please next time think befor you talk
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show of shame
Mayor | 7/20/2013 6:59:22 AM
Why compare u®sÉlf with MJ?u are Ñot close to her at all in terms of boÐy §hape.ù have just succeeded in ruining ur carrier with dis ur forming. Better apologise to ur grandmother(MJ)if u want to make it in d nollywood. Bcos she is one of d shakers and movers of nollywood. Whether u believe it or not MJ is ur OGA AT THE TOP.sefini
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Controversial upcomer
Jane-frances | 7/20/2013 9:42:53 AM
Dis girl knows how to cause controversy,she said all this so that people will comment and criticise her so that she will be popular,my dear u rili know the entertainment industry tactics,but pls dnt compare urself to my Mercy J,or oda great nollywood stars,u ar still a toddler,respect those that were there before u,dont talk r*****h
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KEMO | 7/20/2013 9:58:39 AM
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Kangaroo | 7/20/2013 10:10:03 AM
OYA NI E,O NBE. So you think the quickest way to get cheap publicity to yourself is to start disrespecting your seniors ? You suppose to strive harder and let your hard work speak for itself. You can see that you have been r*****hed from all comments above even am not MERCY J fan but I don't agree with your jumping at all. DONT CHALLENGE MONKEY TO BANANA EATING CONTEST BECAUSE YOU CANNOT WIN.A word is enough if that your little brain is intact. Next time is to tell us you are travel international than OMOTOLA.
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NOISEMAKER | 7/20/2013 10:20:53 AM
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Where dis one 4rm
Nglawretta | 7/20/2013 2:57:30 PM
Where dis 1 4rm,anybdy can talk anyhow,d most painful is dat if dey want talk dat their r*****h without calling mercy johnson name u know dey have not started,anyway igbo adage said dat onye ji igu ka ewu na eso so mercy carry igu nd d shegoats de follow her up nd down bomber 2 bomber bt she wil never succumb instead she wil b progressing day,afternoon nd night bcos who God bless no one can curse,oh oh na which kind jealousy b dis eee!, if get hip dey go talk,if u no talk dey go find u come i say na which kind envy b dis eee!.
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I pity u
Teeto | 7/20/2013 9:06:39 PM
Attention seekers..........wel,am glad 2 annouce 2 u dat u did it!d only tn dat made me read ds post is d fact dat u mentiond Iya purity's name.....Wel u r mad......u r Mad.
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lili | 7/20/2013 9:19:03 PM
may God forgive ur sins crystal
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Swidy | 7/21/2013 9:11:02 PM
I no fit shout ohhh
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Leave that to others to say!
Omo Oba | 7/23/2013 3:26:57 AM
You are arrogant and immodest. Leave the comparison for others to do. The fact that you expressed this yourself shows you have low self esteem.
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she and mercy
mulikat | 7/23/2013 7:29:07 AM
she only have face than mercy, but the rest Mercy is nr-1, and she just want to get more attention by putting mercy name, cos she is no name in Nollywood and Nigeria.
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naija crier!
cynthia | 7/24/2013 7:39:19 PM
Crystal okoye, abi wetin u call ursef, go hide jare! Who knw U? If beta pple de cum out, U sef de count ursef among! My MJ, beta pass U uncountable times! r*****h!!!
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wise up
Mr gooD lexzy | 7/25/2013 7:53:58 AM
This medium should be a complementary ground not a place were we exchange grievances and unpleasant issues its well we all friends and life goes on remember good friend will fly and good we flow become one family in body of Christ
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Pat | 7/27/2013 2:44:10 PM
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm who b dis Okobo, s****df**l wen dey conpare her domped ass wit my MJ mcthewwwwwwwwwww common go clean ur self frm dat wall r*****h
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promise | 11/27/2013 4:13:52 PM
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Prince | 4/1/2014 11:30:14 AM
Your problem is PRIDE God HATES proud heart
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