Ras Kimono Gets 5th Child From 3 Women

Story by Osaaremen Ehi James/Nigeriafilms.com
Last Updated: Sunday, September 15, 2013

Information reaching us indicates that veteran Nigerian musician, Ras Kimono has welcomed his fifth child from his wife named Efe. This is the third child Efe would be giving the reggae star.

The 'Under Pressure' crooner also has two other children from two other women. As we speak, Ras Kimono is said to be very happy about the development.

Efe used to be the singer's manager. She is now in the United States of America practising nursing.

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Na wa o...
9/15/2013 9:00:05 PM
...this baboon looking thing na some women open their pussies for? I wonder what kind of children these women go produce with this baboon. Anyways sha congrats cos ya soldiers seems to ave worked sha!
9/15/2013 10:45:14 PM
Please try to be a little bit calm when commenting......you are known for using insultive and irrelevant words on people, please try to show some manners.Maybe you are seeking attention.....try to do it in a positive method .k?
9/18/2013 4:42:51 PM
Ask your mother why she opened her smelly puszy for your monkey fada, and all those men she was fukn for food money.
tanx military
9/15/2013 10:50:57 PM
Tanx for twlling this donkey head lalaland he really lacks manner,talks any how as if he owns the world.
9/15/2013 11:01:20 PM
Lalaland and Lolo and Chief ajaagbba and Jerry Lana to mention few and frustrated set of group on this cite so their comment are only meant to be joke because they are jesters or comedians. they throw expensive bantas due to their regular bitter state of mind.Their hands are always infected by virus called Trojan whenever they put hands on the computer keyboard.
Mad man
9/15/2013 11:05:49 PM
Na monkey give en mama belle. I beliebve say dem swear for dis papa monkeys. Mumu na monkeys product en be
Na me biko
9/15/2013 11:07:10 PM
Long ago the name I read in one of the soft sell magazine is that your wife is called Sybil so where is she? Then she double up as your manager too.These reggae singers wife never last with them as if its a course.Look at Mandator dead wife? Look at Majek Fashek Wife? Now Ras Kinono has to tell us about Sybil
Nfc lie lie
9/15/2013 11:22:28 PM
Sybil is kimono only authentic wife dat suffered wit him, b4 he came 2 limelite they had 2 kids 2geda. Kimono is a v. Careful muscian dat dint mess up durin his hay days. Even then sybil was his back up singer nd manager dat performed wit him then in any show. Their first daughter is into music, kimono is still married 2 sybil, no shaking.
Na me biko
9/15/2013 11:40:46 PM
Thank you for the corfrect info and update. Ride on Ras kimono
Stop Lalaland
9/15/2013 11:46:57 PM
The daughter is 27yr old and into music too.Her name is OGECHUKWU NWAMAKA ONWUBUYA so click your Google and see the pretty face then you will stop insulting Ras kimono calling him names,well nothing good from you Lalaland.
Wetin be ur own Lalaland
9/15/2013 11:14:01 PM
U are too insultive in almost all ur comments. Cant U be positive 4 once? Na wa 4 U!
9/15/2013 11:30:41 PM
Chaiii...... See how he open en bIG mouth like genevieve ToTO
Harry Day dreamer
9/16/2013 8:55:23 AM
All that is in your fantasy is Gene TOTO? You type will NEVER see it. We know Genny but we don't know you so you are not qualify to talk about that
Haba Harry
9/15/2013 11:53:24 PM
Nawa o,Now plenty Mad people has enter this cite oooo. Harry how your own mouth be? No come take style dey insult Gene like Lalaland because you want to be noticed on this cite. We know your type as you too want use lala style become popular here. Lala became popular through contant targeting gene with insult. So u too want use same?
LILILL Zamfara
9/16/2013 1:56:31 PM
Why the Guy is looking so bad. I hope that the new born will not resemble to him
@LILILL Zamfara
9/17/2013 9:09:40 AM
You see have joined the sour association? Lala and lolo and Chief ajaagbba Jerry Lana anna and Harry now you? Well nothing good dey come from Zamfara.If they no marry underage they go cut people hand. LILILL Zamfara hope you still have 2 hands?
LILILL Zamfara
9/17/2013 10:18:13 AM
Since I am able to send a message; therefore, I have two hands, since it is difficult to write when you have at most one hand.
9/17/2013 8:15:36 PM
Plz Nigerians stop insultive comments• Why u ppl r busy castigating others? Mind u,God created aman in his image•

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