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It is no longer news that most 'nollywoodites' are trying to bag some sort of education or the other thanks to the many veterans without a formal education.

News reaching us was that Ufuoma Ejenobor recently left a set where she was shooting a movie to go write her final masters exams. when asked why she was leaving without finishing her scenes, she said in her line of priority, education would come first.

the graduate of french language from the university of lagos whose intelligence saw her winning many pageants, recently enrolled for a masters program also at the university of lagos.

she already has eloquence, beauty, diplomas and other certificates and now a masters degree. we only wonder whether to expect a PHD. Dr ufuoma Ejenobor (laugh)

you go girl

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chichi | 11/13/2009 9:22:27 AM
is this news
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Europa | 11/13/2009 9:55:34 AM
Congrats girl go on ,wishing you all the best and i like your movies.
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chioma | 11/13/2009 11:26:53 AM
Her ampit is also dirty,nollywood attress am tired of them.
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----- | 11/13/2009 7:15:27 PM | ---------
Impostor beware!
lisa | 11/13/2009 4:19:17 PM
am happy for you oh! well i wish you all the best. i love your movie call saving sara, keep it up girl one love
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Chioma, plz show us urs
ConcernedFriend | 11/13/2009 5:03:28 PM
Why is it that some people will completely miss the point. We are congratulating the actress for wanting more out of her life and people are talking about armpits.Don't you know that when you put deodorant on some of them that are not roll-on will produce this effect? Let's us see what yours look like and we can talk.
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lol chioma
nene | 11/15/2009 6:42:41 PM
ha ha ha
i am sure chioma has learnt to shut up. she no talk again

its good to know actors and actresses are getting educated. i just read that kenneth okonkwo (andy) has finished his masters in law and has been called to the bar.
well done people. you are making us proud
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this chioma is silly
nnomma | 11/20/2009 11:53:53 PM
any good clean woman who baths properly and uses deodorant will now about the discolouration effect.
pls let us ignore chioma.

i am happy for this actress. congrats my dear.u are making us proud
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tell her
nene | 11/22/2009 9:26:49 AM | abj-nigeria
as a matter of fact every where you have hair growth is naturally dark. even if u shaved off all ur hair, you will have a dark feel around the shaven areas.
chioma simply wants to be heard
toyin | 11/21/2009 12:04:21 AM
its is good to equip yourself with knowledge.
it is a good move. keep up the good work in sonund of poverty
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i hope it is true
shoilki | 11/22/2009 9:29:05 AM
if the story is true, then congrats to ufoma.
she already speaks well. i am happy she continued education...IF T IS TRUE O
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linda | 4/26/2010 9:57:34 AM
Well she speaks well so I can belive its true. Congrats again
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