To these showbiz stars, speaking from both sides of their mouth is a thing of joy and pride.

Over time, these entertainers have publicly lied and deceived the media, their fans and the world at large, only to be found eating back their words and burying their heads in shame, especially when the truth surfaces and becomes unassailable.

The case of busty crossover actress, Foluke Daramola is not just one among many others, but also a clue to how our screen idols blatantly betray our trust in them.

For instance, many months after denying her romantic affair with Kayode Salako, Daramola finally tied the knot with same man, to the consternation of many.

However, while some have had to lie in order to save a situation, others have proved to be congenital liars who have constantly cajoled the public with inveterate lies.

In this authentic list, Entertainment Express showcases ten top entertainers and the many shocking lies they boldly told the public through the media. The list is arranged based on the gravity of the lies.