What an escape! Eighteen passengers travelling from Kwara State to Lagos escaped death on Tuesday as a commercial bus conveying them somersaulted and swerved off the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

This accident occurred around 4pm at the Magboro end of the expressway, a few kilometers from Lagos.

It was learnt that the propeller of the bus broke while the bus was speeding, causing the driver to lose the control of the vehicle. It subsequently somersaulted repeatedly and veered off the road.

The bus driver, Mr. Adisa Ojo, revealed that he was not speeding, adding that the bus did not show any sign of fault throughout the journey.

He said, “I was not speeding at all. The propeller just broke off suddenly. What I could remember afterwards was that we landed here (by the roadside).”

A passenger in the bus, Mr. Mathew Olatunde, confirmed that the driver drove carefully. “I sat in the front; the driver was driving responsibly when the propeller broke and caused the bus to somersault. We thank God that nobody died,” Olatunde said.

Another passenger, Mrs. Seyi Adegboyega, who boarded the bus at Ibadan, Oyo State, with her two kids, said they joined the bus after a vehicle they boarded from Ogbomosho, had an accident.

She said, “My children and I were coming from Ogbomosho. The first bus we boarded was involved in an accident. We had to join this bus at Ibadan. Now, this is another accident. I don’t even know what else to say; I just thank God that nothing happened to me and my kids.”