To say that Nigeria is rich in culture is merely stating the obvious. And these cultural values have remained a constant source of pride to the nation. Gone are the days when only a few would identify with our cultural heritage, probably because they felt anything that emanated from this black nation is considered inferior.

However, things have changed. Our people’s attitude about this has changed. Everything about Nigeria is seen in positive light. In fact, everyone is driving towards everything Nigeria.

When it comes to dressing Nigerian, everywhere you turn, people dress in their traditional garbs. For every socio-cultural event, people are gaily dressed to reflect their cultures.

For the women, this cultural celebration is endless. They are in an eternal bid to stockpile their closets in different shades of their traditional wears because as the saying goes, variety is the spice of life. They are simply unstoppable

The pride of the woman from Eastern part of Nigeria remains her two wrappers and blouse ensemble. Her ability to grace an occasion elegantly dressed in a gorgeous set of George wrapper or a Vlisco Hollandais Ankara, fully complemented with beads makes her thick.

This unique and rich cultural expose is spilling over to several other socio-cultural events. It is no longer restricted to marriages, naming ceremonies or burial ceremonies. The age- long and annual August meeting for the Igbo, which is also celebrated with pomp and ceremony is an avenue for the women to show the latest trends in town.

So, how prepared are you to storm your village for this year’s edition of this important event?
When you have chosen and got the latest of the George material, lace for that exquisite blouse pattern, remember that you need to appear in full complements of the Eko for Show type of woman. And because style is all about your personality and it is unique, be courageous enough to create your own style for the season. Don’t be subsumed by the crowd.

Some of the essentials for the season is exquisite jewellery. If you want to go strictly traditional, take a complete set of unique coral beads and spice up your attire with them. If you choice is in English pieces of jewelry, make sure you have good quality.

Don’t forget the element of good and admirable colour scheme. Beautiful combination of colours as well as the accessories should be top on your priority list. For shoes, sheer comfort and durability are the essentials. Don’t forget the fashion rule when it comes to hand bags. Cute clutches and purses are the best to compliment a two wrapper piece and blouse.

With all these essentials in proper place, you are not only going to walk head high at this year’s August meeting, you would be a reference point for next year’s edition. Ladies from the Niger Delta region are spotted with their George material and blouse. They are also heavily adorned with beads. No matter where you come from, stand out in your traditional wear to celebrate your ethnic uniqueness.