Taiwo Ajai-Lycett, Nigerian theatre matriarch, recently revealed in an interview why she did not get married 23 years after her husband’s death.

She said that relationship is a very complex art and it is always difficult to find the right person. She added that having an affair is not an option for her because If she surrenders  her  body and soul to someone who is half invested in the relationship it’s going to break her.

Answering whether she was sexual, she said “Just because you don’t have sex doesn’t mean you’re not sexual. What’s so difficult to understand about that? To be celibate doesn’t mean you are asexual. It’s a choice. Why it is that people don’t understand that here? When I talk to people that I think are intelligent they think I am running around. And I do get proposed to by young men.

She lauded the media for giving her a lot of support by not writing negative things about her