Now that The Voice Nigeria has been concluded, judges like 2face Idibia can have a breath of fresh air. The pop star was seen in and around Milan few hours ago.

 We have not heard of any show in Europe that he is going to participate, leaving fans to speculate that he may be there for  a business trip in Italy.

As a part of his sojourn, he decided to visit the largest church in the country, the famous Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano). 2Face once told us that he doesn’t like going to church : “I think every human is spiritual. Prayer is communication with God and there is no definite way of communicating with God. My dad was a pastor so we grew up in church. However, I have not gone to church in eight years. I believe education does not only exist within the four walls of a school the same way God does not only exist in a religious institution. He exists on his own. Growing up in church has made me realise the most important thing is to have a relationship with God. Human beings take religion too seriously.”