The birthday of the self-acclaimed queen of crossdressers Idris Olarenwaju popularly known as Bobrisky which had taken some months and days to plan finally came to reality last night August 31st.

The event took place in one of the high brow areas of Lagos and the celebrities, friends, and well-wishers Bobrisky had specially invited to her birthday party were already seated, helping themselves to small chops, drinks, and grooving to the music that was being played by the live entertainers before the birthday celebrant arrived.

Bobrisky arrived in a yellow posh car on a beautiful yellow shimmery fitted gown but 3 things occurred the moment she stepped down from the car to make an entrance into her party.

1) While the invited guests were sitting in the hall waiting for the celebrant, groups of uninvited women most especially rushed her and tried to cling to her body. This move made by the ladies Bobrisky had not given an express invitation to probably did so out of the familiarity of always seeing her on Instagram.

You always get to see such types of people at every party. Who would want to miss the party of the year, whether invited or not?. Anyway, Bobrisky’s security made sure to carry out their work by pushing out the crowd.

2) Wardrobe Malfunction: A woman’s nightmare! Bobrisky’s gown developed fault immediately she climbed down from the car. She couldn’t walk properly as she was holding her gown to enable free movement of her legs. This made the move to the celebration hall slow, even the people around got to notice and walked at the same pace as her. After all, she’s the celebrant right?.

Bobrisky holding her gown

3) After the first two incidents happened the moment she stepped down from the car, the third was the grand reception. Just like in weddings, Bobrisky entered the birthday hall with her epic dance moves, this was after the security had shut the door to the hall and locked out those that were not invited.

Bobrisky entering the birthday hall with a dance