Nollywood fine boy, Ramsey Nouah, remains unshakeable inspite of the influx of new entrants who either look like him or play similar roles like him. His romantic role in any movie usually attracts the attentions of the public, especially his numerous female admirers. Whom he confessed he can never, never take advantage of. The fair skinned actor in an interview, on why he could not be emotional and more.

How would you describe your participation in Stone Face?

İ feel good and I like the fact that I was part of it. İt was a nice experience.

You played a romantic role in the movie especially the one you demonstrated for Stephanie?

Yeah, that is me. That is very much like me. İ enjoy it.

That suggest that Ramsey Nouah is an ever romantic actor?

You got it. İ will be romantic forever.

What would you say has been working for you?

İ wouldn’t just say, I guess its God’s time and the fans out there just appereciate what I do. That is the basic thing.

Has the rise of people like Mike Ezuruonye who looks very much like you been a threat to your career?

Not at all. The industry is big enough to accommodate every one of us. İ don’t see it as a threat; not even rivalry in any way, not even competition. İt is far from it. My career is not in any way disturbed.

What would your fans be expecting from you in the next two years?

Something good; very, very good and big.

That means Ramsey is ever versatile and relevant as far as acting is concerned?

You got it. İ remain myself ever. That can’t be taken from me.

Each time you play a romantic role, do you feel like taking your movie partner as a ‘wife’?

What happens is that I usually adhere to my profession strictly. İ try not to include any emotion or whatever. İ always make sure I devoid my profession of things like that.

Despite the fact that you are married, you are still a hot cake among the female folks, how do you cope?

İ get bad. That is the story of my life. İ won’t deceive you, but I get bad.