Age Eko of NFC speaks with a sex hawker, pierced in multiple places and tattooed all over. Enjoy the conversation.

You have too much tattoos and piercing, why?

It’s my lifestyle and choice.

 How many tattoos?

 Eleven. Across my chest, across my belle button, on my neck, my ankle, side left shoulder, back right shoulder, my waist,my wrist, my ‘yansh’, my lap and my back ear.

 What’s your favorite tattoo?

 The one on my belle…it’s the principle I live with.

 What’s does it say?

 See, it says “Love The Life You Live and Live The Life You Love”.

 So do you love this life you live?

 Yes, and who ever doesn’t should go to hell for all I care. My mother knows the life style and doesn’t discourage me, so who the fuck will question me lifestyle. My most trusted boss who feeds me and my mum, doesn’t criticize my piercing or tattoo. So, why should any one’s rejection of my lifestyle affect me. See I just did the tongue piercing three weeks ago for 15K and my big boss gave me 20K for it.

 20K is it that expensive?

 Yeah, I said I collected 20K from my uncle but I did it for 15K cos the guys are my pals. They did this tattoo on my chest for 4K, though it’s officially 7K. 

 Is this piercing not painful?

 It is. When I pierced my tongue I felt pain eating…but I understand pain. I have a lot of pain…I bear them. My entire body is given to pain. But if you endure pain it will go away. If I didn’t damn my tongue pain and eat peppered rice…I tell you it won’t heal on time.

 Do you have your private parts pierced too?

 I would love to tattoo my vagina, I’d love my clitoris pierced but I have not found the professionals that I will allow to see my ‘thing’. 

 Are there no lady professionals?

 Yeah, there are ladies doing tattoos and piercing but they are not good. A lady did my belle piercing but the ring fell off days after. The guys are the best. But I am yet to meet the one, I’ll love to see my vagina.

 With all these piercing how do you make friends? Don’t they criticize you?

I told you before I careless about criticism and beside I have a mouth to feed at home. That mouth, my mum isn’t complaining at all. Then I have just friends that have tattoos and piercing. (Seeing I don’t have tattoos and piercing) and also friends who don’t have but don’t criticize me.

 Do you have a boyfriend, some one who takes you serious with the hope of marriage?

 I have numerous boyfriends and relationship. As a result of my job.

 What is your job?

 You know na.

 Yes, but what will you call it?

 I work in a club and so it’s only natural I have many boy friends. 

 Just friends or strong relationship?

 I have five major strong relationship but I don’t joke with two. Two of them are very important to me.

 They know about what you do?

 Yes they do…only one of the important two doesn’t know.

 Aren’t you bothered he’ll know one day?

 No, he’s important quite alright but if he he finds out and doesn’t want me again…I won’t sweat over it.

 Have you ever been evangelized…talked to about Jesus Christ?

 (She laughed and clapped her hands to mock at me) see me see wonders o. Who you be…abeg…waka!!!

NOTE: This conversation took place in front of the GTB Bank on Toyin street Ikeja. I offered to buy her indomie from the ‘aboki’ selling indomie and condoms in front of the GTB at evenings. While the indomie was being prepared this conversation ensued.