I have been wearing wigs for about 2 years now and I can officially say it is worth it. Lately, a lot of ladies have joined in on this trend, if you are new, welcome.

Personally, every year, I kinda make hair goals, last year all I did was wear wigs ‘cos they are very convenient, still stuck on this year’s hair goal but I’ll figure something out.

Over to the reasons why you need a wig.

1- Wigs are convenient. You can take them off when you want, pop them on like nothing happened.

2- Wigs are time savers. You can gladly skip several hours in the salon and spend that time doing something productive.

3- wigs save you money. You can wear the same wig all year round, how?. Wash, restyle, colour it and make it look different. You can wear it straight, curly, wavy,up down the choice is yours. You also skip monthly hair salon appointments.

To achieve this I recommend a u-part/lace frontal , colour 1b/2 straight hair wig. Thank me later.

4-You can take proper care of your natural hair. Note I used proper care. With wigs you see your natural hair more often which of course makes it easy for you to wash, condition, weave and just take care of it.

5- Your edges can grow and recover from any harsh hairstyles and your hair can breathe.