“For our fatherland Nigeria, my greatest desire for the past six years has been to see Babatunde Raji Fashola run for President. If this ever happens, I would place all my works on hold and deplore my professional expertise and influence alongside others’ toward ensuring a successful campaign that would see him emerge as Nigeria’s next President” I have lost count of the number of people I’ve had this conversation with, expressing the strong desire above as humanly passionate as possible.

Sadly, some of the responses I’ve received include distasteful ones claiming that, despite truly being a perfect candidate for change, god-fathers would never allow him get there. We have become a people, almost helpless, who would rather maintain the status quo instead of arising to take full responsibility for what is ours. Believe it or not, we all aren’t ready for change; when we are, things will change rapidly – very rapidly. But it’s just so unfair to expect Nigeria to change, without Nigerians changing.

For how long shall we stay on this spot? Godfathers may appear seemingly powerful, but until we realize the real power to vote, protect our votes and hold such candidate accountable lies in our hands, we might as well end up a failed state as predicted.

And if you are one of the people whose choice is to take us back to our past by voting one of our ‘faithful’ old cargo leaders, do remember that, irrespective of what anyone tells you, it takes only an insane man to follow same old route and expect to arrive in a different destination.

While we could debate on a very few worthy candidates whose head fits the cap for Nigeria’s presidency, one who remains outstanding in all ramifications is the outgoing Governor of Lagos state – Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola. Though my reasons are actually inexhaustible, here are a few of them.

Good intentions aren’t enough.

There’s no thriving in leadership without a high degree of capacity, skills and integrity. Going for the contrary is one of the real reasons my country remains where she is. Nigeria is in dire need of a very strict yet compassionate President whose will to effect change far outweighs his emotions. It could be safe to say our past leaders had good intentions, but that’s just not enough.

Results speak louder than words.

This is simple. Just as no one can give what they don’t have, no President can achieve on a national scale, what he hasn’t achieved on a local or state level. All we need is a leader with an evident track record of exactly what we want to achieve on a national scale. We don’t need an orator; we need a proven performer. We have repeated this mistake for years, hope we learn from our past.

Change and development come first

Nigeria needs a President that prioritizes qualitative leadership over politics, a leader who understands our most desperate need is transformation. Primarily, we need power, security, health, education, road and transparency amongst others. Until we are all able to critically identify, vote and elect a leader who would suspend other secondary ambitions to achieve this, change is not in view.

PR can’t replace performance.

As a media specialist, I understand the power of PR and advertisement. But while these are very powerful tools, they cannot fully take the place of performance and quality delivery. These tools are used to enhance performance, not to replace it. Fashola’s administration places premium priority on delivering great value over taking credit or fighting for attention. For whatever reason, our current national administration has failed to understand this. [Research Ebola containment and Levick PR for more.]

We can’t afford to waste four more years. As a people, we have so much gotten our hands burnt severally that we can’t afford to gamble anymore. This piece is absolutely in no bid to idolize anyone but, in my opinion, beyond being a politician, Fashola happens to be the only Nigerian politician who has exemplified excellent leadership to the highest standard possible.

He is not perfect.

Like the rest of us, Fashola is not perfect, but despite the fact that I’m neither of his political or religious affiliation, I have seen this man consistently right his wrongs, effortlessly proving himself as a truly extraordinary leader with undeniable achievements.

As usual, it is safe to think that this piece is sponsored, but before you get it twisted sit back and be very true to yourself for once. The truth can never be changed and only fools doubt proofs. Are these claims really true or not? All you need is a little research.In conclusion, the 2015 we’ve all been awaiting is finally around the corner – just few months away. It’s yet another golden opportunity to either buy or sell the future. Let the truly competent candidates make themselves available and let the citizenry vote right. As always, it’s up to us. Peace.

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