1. Don’t skip work happy hour

Even if you’ve already determined that you will never date any of your coworkers, join in on every office happy hour you can. You never know who may bring an outside friend along or where you could end up after the happy hour is over. Chances are most of your work friends are pretty cool people so you can rely on them to broaden your network of potential partners.

2. Volunteer your time

If you’ve already scoured everyone at work, the gym, and any mutual friends, it may be time to switch things up a bit. Volunteer for an organization you care about or with election season coming up, sign up on a campaign. By broadening your perspective, you’ll meet a whole different group of people and even if you don’t meet that special someone, you’ll walk away with new friends and an impressive line on your resume.

3. Take a class

Remember what it was like to be in college, surrounded by people your age? If you’re still in college, take advantage of it. If not, sign up for a college class and enjoy going back in time to the days of group projects and cute lab partners. To start, your choice in class will give you something in common with the other students. Then, you can bond over your rambling professor, the final exam, or that girl in the front row who sleeps through every class. Take it to the next level and see if any of the Business Insider’s list of colleges where you’re most likely to meet you future spouse are near you.

4. Look to the gym

If fitness is important to you, then where better to meet a future partner than at the gym? If you’re always in the weight room, switch things up and take a kickboxing class, do some cardio, or visit the racquetball courts. Just by changing up your workout, you’ll be exposed to a whole different group of gym-goers. If you and your love interest visit the gym at similar hours, it will be easy to arrange a half-date before or after a workout. Grab a smoothie, a post-workout snack, or try a yoga class together.

5. Attend more events

This is one area where social media saves the day. You know those annoying public event invites you’re constantly getting on Facebook? Rather than ignoring them, RSVP and go. At first glance, a book reading may not be your cup of tea, but it will expose you to an entirely new group of people, which may bring you face to face with someone you wouldn’t have otherwise met. If you can drag a friend along, it will make the whole situation a little more comfortable, but don’t be scared to go at it alone. When you fly solo, it not only makes you more likely to talk to new people, but it will also be easier for others to approach you.

6. Join a team

If you ever played high school or college sports, you probably remember the bond you shared with your teammates. Recreate this connection and have fun doing it by joining a co-ed intramural team. Not only will you meet people who are interested in the same activity, but after games there’s a good chance the team will go to a nearby bar to grab a drink. Use this time to get to know any of teammates that caught your eye. Depending on where you live, there are even some leagues that are specific to singles. If sports aren’t your thing, research local trivia nights and ask if anyone’s looking to add on a player.

7. Hit the park

Is it a warm, sunny day? If so, you can bet people are packing up their picnic baskets and heading to the park. Grab a soccer ball or a frisbee, bring along your dog (or borrow one), and join the masses. Take a few laps around the area to check things out and pray that your pup is cute enough to garner some attention. If not, grab the ball or frisbee and ask someone if they want to play. The worst they can do is say no, but chances are you’ll not only meet potential romantic interests but some new friends too.

Credit: CheetSheet