Since the accusation of the Igbo speaking communities of piracy by actor and producer, Kunle Afolayan, various practitioners have seen this assertion as very annoying and uncalled for which has led to various tongue lashing of the movie maker.

Though he has come out to apologise thereby explaining what led to him making such statement, it seems he has gotten support from filmmaker cum distributor, Gabriel Okoye, betterknown as Igwe Gabosky.

Gabosky claimed that about 99% of the bootleggers in Alaba are from the Eastern part of Nigeria.

“When I went into Ubakason Plaza and Obosi Plaza, the den of these pirates, 99 percent of the people that are trading there are Igbos. So I don’t know why you just want to take criminality and start joining it with politics. A criminal is a criminal and should be pronounced a criminal, whether he is a Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa,” he told TNS.

The movie film maker explained that Kunle had given him his movie to distribute and on investigations, found out that the movies were already pirated and he was able to compile the names of those behind it of which they were all Igbo and no other tribe involved.

According to him, “Kunle Afolayan did a movie and gave the movie to an Igbo man called Gabosky of G-Media to distribute. The man produced the film and brought into the market and came back and told him, ‘Look at what I’m facing. The film is being pirated. And I went round the whole country and found out that the films are being pirated and I started compiling names. And I tell you, the names that I compiled; there is no Yoruba name on that list. They are all Igbos and I have the list.”

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