•I Didn’t Sleep With Your Friend, I Don’t Have A Tattoo, Wife Cries Out

Just when everything is somewhat stable, at least going by feelers emanating from both quarters recently, matters are again pointing to the fact that the last has not been heard as regards the divorce of popular singer, Abolore Adigun Akande, also known as 9ice and his erstwhile wife, Toni Seun Payne, going by the recent happenings in the break-up saga.

Weeks back, tales went about town that a song, “Once Bitten, Twice Shy,” on 9ice’s Tradition album, was originally meant to pour out the singer’s anger on what allegedly led to the dissolution of the marriage that lasted only a year and half.

The song, in part, lamented about a woman, with a tattoo, giving “my friend ‘nodding’… You are good looking but your ways are so wicked. You keep pushing me to the wall.”

9ice, very much under the protective influence of his parents, also sang, “I can’t tell Daddy, neither can I tell Mummy.”

The song later described the woman as “the tears in my eyes.”

Singing further, 9ice lamented, “You are the pain that I endure, but you dey see yourself as a business venture.”

The song also offered that when they met “I didn’t have a dime…you support me.”

He later cried about a crooked way that is not so pure.

However, the tale seems to get a nod when a celebrity magazine interviewed Ruggedman, who was alleged to be the friend 9ice was referring to in the song, and he denied the allegations, saying nothing of sorts happened between himself and 9ice’s ex-wife.

Many had thought the interview would literarily kill the tale, but as the album daily sinks deeper into fans’ minds, the identity of who 9ice was referring to, came to the fore all over again.

Recently, the tale got another break as Toni’s update of her facebook profile on April 19 challenged 9ice to come out and clear the air as regards whom he is referring to in the song.

Toni Payne wrote on April 19 wrote: “I’m” fed up… A song I heard and loved months before it came out is causing some minor issues. So I will address this issue by simply stating that it’s not my job to clear the air but I also think it’s time the person who sang the song “once bitten” comes out and tells the truth to everyone and let us know who he sang it for.”

Furthermore, Toni wrote: “My thought is, it was quick and easy for him to release a statement that he’s getting separated, (like who does that anyways, as if its a good thing). So telling the truth about a song you sang should not be hard, especially if it’s giving the wrong impression about the mother of your child. Let’s try and fear God o! Hmmn! So please! I just want to concentrate on my career and my child without dealing with fabricated gist. (I am) disappointed.

“Between comments that make no sense will be trashed. Instead direct your questions to the main man who is also on FB. It’s about time he gave you all honest answers. To those who judged without hearing direct from the horses mouth first, all I can do now is pray next time, God dash you same wisdom.

“To my friends whose names/image were dragged into this whole mess without knowing a thing (lai mo owo, lai mo ese), all I can say is I’m very very sorry! Maybe I should have done this sooner, but my heart still wanted to have faith in my other half. Anyway, God sees my heart and I know he will deal with whoever started it. To answer my favourite inbox question: NO. I have no tattoos! Nuff said!”

When asked why she has suddenly turned to Facebook to air her views considering the grave implications it could have for the child between them, Zion, Toni replied, “I’ve tried all avenues (to try and get to talk to him) and all I get is promises and promises. Ah ma binu, ma se, ma binu, mo busy ni, ma binu ok motigbo…meaning: I’m sorry, I will do it. I’m sorry. I am just busy. Ok, I have heard. My back was pretty much up against the wall. I’m not even tripping because I’ve been doing my thing but sometimes you got to step back say it’s enough. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to be the one to first say something because of him. I know I wouldn’t even look at another man talk less of cheat. But I’ve learnt a valuable lesson that such can be taken for granted. All the same, I thank God for everything.”

However, Toni Payne Concepts, which is the company that manages and handles the PR aspect for acts like W4, Zara and Onyeka Onwenu, is the brainchild of the beautiful mother of Zion Abolore Akande.

Before now, the estranged couple have busied themselves with their respective careers. 9ice, currently on tour of Europe in furtherance of the promotion of his newest album, Tradition, while preparing for more albums; with Toni also working and developing career plans to boost the image and personalities of top music acts like W4, Zara and Onyeka Onwenu only for the tale of the heart-wrenching adulterous acts alleged to have led to the dissolution of the union, to reopen the wounds.

On his part, 9ice has been on a comprehensive European tour for sometime, where his tour train has visited cities like Malaga, Geneva, Valencia, Madrid, Zurich, Amsterdam and Austria, Torino, and many others in Italy, Holland, Spain, Switzerland and other European countries.

As at 8:01p.m. on April 14, before Toni’s outburst on Monday, April 19, 9ice posted on his facebook profile, “I thank God…everything is getting better.”

While several comments from fans and friends of the estranged couple filled Toni Payne’s profile on Facebook, the fans almost went berserk when a certain fan expressed his thoughts as regards Toni’s outburst only to return a few moments later with the allegation that a certain individual, who wasn’t happy with his comment called him up to threaten and hurl blows of insults at him. The scenario almost degenerated into something else, but the parties involved were quick enough to calm their frayed nerves.

9ice and Toni Payne met in 2008 and later began their relationship a few months after. In a manner well concealed from the public, they got married when nobody expected it in the industry. But events later led to the revelation that it was not the way the whole thing was meant to have played out. The marriage option only crept into it when Toni became pregnant and in order for her not to give birth to the child out of wedlock, the marriage was hurriedly put together. This is the main reason many of their friends who could not complain so as not to be seen as spoilers, are not surprised with the turn of events.

Until now, none of the estranged parties have come out to defend or accuse the other over the separation; all the eager public had to satisfy their interest and curiosity was the statement by 9ice’s publicist, which reads:

“The couple has agreed to separate for a while, even though they continue to remain good friends and business partners. Their baby, Zion, will reside with Toni for now. This is a very very tough decision for the couple, and it’s a tough, even trying time for the young partnership we all admire so much. And they’re even the more constrained to make this announcement; knowing it will shatter many of their fans, and admirers inside and outside the country.

But they have both agreed to be responsible about the development, and make public what is necessary, to avoid unnecessary speculations and rumours. And it is their wish that we all respect their privacy at this period. They would both not be granting interviews.”

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