Last month a video was uploaded on YouTube of how an image that appeared to be an Angel was captured entering Synagogue Church Of All Nation (SCOAN) has refuse to decrease.

Many people have given their own take on this video; some have believed it’s an angel while many think it just a makeup in this modern world of technology.

On Sunday 11th of February, the man that captured this image has testified of the turnaround of events he has been encountering.

The man identified as Mr Hezron Konlan, a Ghanaian by origin, said that during his first visit to The SCOAN, he was unable to enter the main auditorium on Sunday due to the massive crowd that was present.

So he opted to stay in his car frustrated by this he started praying to God that if he is truly here that he should give him a sign, as he was praying he was instructed to remove his phone and start to record the surrounding of the church.

He didn’t hesitate and he said “Suddenly, I saw a huge figure dressed in white on top of an animal which can be likened to a horse crossing the road and entering the Church.”

Shocked by this, he looked up from his phone and exclaimed to his friend Joshua Laar, who later corroborated his account of events, that he had just seen something “physically”.

When he played back the recording, he was amazed to see that the image was also captured and Hezron had to share it with his friend who latter shared it on YouTube.

The clip, which has been seen over 500,000 times since it was published on Emmanuel TV’s YouTube channel, has additionally been the subject of several global media reports.

“Since that encounter, my life has completely changed,” the young Ghanaian testified, explaining that his visit to The SCOAN triggered a remarkable chain of events which finished in a promotion at his workplace.