What started like a lyrical jibe in one of the tracks in an album produced by her erstwhile hubby and producer soon snowballed into a marital crisis that tore them apart that many of her fans feared for how she will fare in the music industry without the help of the man that have been standing beside her through her rookie years to when she launched her last album. But Branama star, Kefee pulled through and started another phase of her life and art independently. In this chat with AHAOMA KANU, she reveals that with the launching of her latest album at the Niteshift Colliseum, she is ready to take the industry on her own.
Starting on her own.

IT’s like a dream come true for me because it’s been long since I did something new. I don’t know how I did it but I guess, it was the grace of God. Back then I was under a lot of pressure and I said, God this is one thing I must do for myself. Even if I have to run out of the country if it flops, at least, let me know that I tried to do something for me but failed. I prayed, Father, you have not brought me this far only to dump me. The storm is over and a new day has come for me.

The Experience of the rift with former hubby and producer.
I believed it was an experience I had to go through to make me a better person. Everything has its challenges. Life comes with a lot of them. I was very used to Alec doing everything for me and for the first time in my entire life I had to take charge and assume the driver’s seat and I felt very vulnerable and inexperienced. I was scared! I felt I couldn’t do it. At a point I felt like running away. I am happy that God gave me the courage to hang in there and give my best. People just like the album. I have been receiving calls from all over.

Launching her latest album.
The launch was a resounding success. The crowd was much and I performed live for my parents, a song I wrote for them called ‘Do’. People loved it. My parents and siblings in the country where around! My happiest moment so far was singing for my parents.”

It was indeed an event that attracted stars as far away as Gabon, Rwanda and Ghana. Other guests at the launch included top government officials from Delta State like Chief Amori, Chief MO Igbuyi among others. Also present was Stella Damascus Aboderin, comedian, Mandy, Lara George among others.

Message to fans.
We had to screen what we recorded closely and make sure we got the very best. This is my second album coming almost five years After Branama because Branama 2 was a continuation of Branama; we were building on what we already had on ground but this one is something new and fresh. To my fans I say food is ready, go get your fix.”

The album, A Piece of Me.
The tracks in the album include Wado, Kokoroko, Ame Ogi Gi Ro (cold water), Pure Water, featuring Pype and Snypa. There is Do and Another track, which deals on women issues, features Emem of the now defunct Kush, Bouqui, Blaze and Sasha.

I wrote Ogi Gi Ro when I was gong through a lot of stress and it looked like the heavens would break down and crash on me. Everything was just heated up and I was like God, make it cold. I am not ready to go into the details of what I went though because if we start today, we may never finish. I decided to capture the experience in a song. Things were happening so fast and my world was falling apart. I said God please pour your cold water on the heat around me. The album was officially released on December 23.

Going beyond music.
There is no stopping me now because I am going beyond music; I am putting finishing touches to her clothes line Branama Afrik, which should debut next year. Branama AfriK basically is all about showing-off. It’s a platform to showcase Africa. It is my fashion label and soon you are going to be hearing more about it. It’s about fashion, it’s about women. I registered the company two years ago. What motivated it was that I wanted a clothes line for my own deigns. People like my attires and I have my own hair do, Keffe’s dread. Initially when I did it I just wanted to look different but at the end of the day everybody just loved it even though it’s expensive. And guess what? I did not have to cut my hair to do Kefee’s dread and it looked good. Branama Afrik is also marketing my album which is distributed by 24-Hour Music.”

To be the best at what I do and be able to influence people positively.