The winner of The Voice Nigeria Agharese Emokpae aka A’rese is not in a relationship yet, so guys you are open to try your dating tricks on her. The singer has opened up on how she had once failed in life and  how she has gotten to the stage she is today as a winner.

A’rese said about failing “I think somebody who gets upset over losing is the person that is missing out on the learning experience that they had. Out of every failure rather than remember you didn’t get what you want, it’s more why didn’t I get the audition, the part. There must be something I can do for the next time. I remember the first theatre company that I worked for, I auditioned for them maybe 12 or 13 times and was rejected over and over, sure I was sad that I didn’t make them but I always think of why I didn’t make it and how I could do better the next time. I just kept going till the 14th or 15th time where they could see my hard work and once I got it, I earned so much from them. It’s about learning and improving yourselves.”

She added “The past three months have been amazing, crazy and the best time in my life. It’s also been the most challenging. In that way, I feel like I have grown so much in such a short period of time. But, it’s something that I will never forget.”

She is not yet out of the singlehood market. “The thing about this industry is that when you’re working hard and pushing so hard that there’s no space for anything else, so at the moment, no. I’m not really in the market for that just yet.