A Zimbabwean actor Paul Kwashira popularly known as Kabhasikoro is making waves in Nigerian films and has since featured in five movies in four years.

Paul Kwashira popularly known as Kabhasikoro from his street theatre days has found new home in Nigeria.

The actor featured in “Alice my first lady”, “Hotel Rwanda 2”, “The Real life” and ” World apart 1 & 2″.

The Nollyhood star first made his debut on the local small screen when he acted alongside the legendary Lazarus Boora in “NdiGringo Chete” and since then he had never looked back as he also featured in local drama “Zuku”.

The actor is also a producer and at one time worked for Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings as assistant producer for radio dramas such as “Chibhodhoro”, “Dambe naMwari” and “Marara”.

The actor said that his life changed completely when he won the best African Movie Comedy Act sponsored by Annex merchandising in 2005 and he migrated to Nigeria to take acting seriously. The actor first landed his main role in the film the “Pumpkin”, which is already out.

Kabhasikoro is going to lead a cast of Nigerian actors to produce a film called “Down in Zimbabwe” and he would be the main character.

“A lot of things have been told about Zimbabwe and it is our job as artistes to clear the misconception and I am happy about the opportunity to represent my country. I am going to retain my stage name Kabhasikoro, so please watch out for this film,” said the delighted Kabhasikoro.

The award-winning actor said that Zimbabwe had raw talent compared to Nigeria but the problem was lack of sponsorship. He also noted that Nigerians take art as a full time job and as a way of living.

“We have talented artists in the country but we do not have the resources.

“Some of our actors are born with the gift and they had never been to the school of acting but given the chance and platform they can scale greater heights. The reason why Nigerian films flourish across the continent is because of marketing. They know how to advertise their products,” he said.

Kabhasikoro bemoaned rampant piracy as the other reason why artistes die paupers in the country.

“It’s disheartening to know that some of Zimbabwean artistes are still poor in spite of spending many years in the entertaining industry. Think of Muwengwa one of the country’s finest actors of our generation, people had to contribute for his burial. It’s very sad,” Kabhasikoro lamented.

The actor said the gods of fortune have smiled to him, as he now owns a home in Hatfield.

“I now have a place to stay and I have signed my five-year contract with Annex Productions and I will be leaving for Nigeria next January,” he said.