A pair of newborn twins were found deceased on a dump where the residents of Jeun Makadi community in the Masaka area of Nasarawa State found them on Tuesday.

Punch sources reveal that the babies, who were suspected to have been dumped on Monday, were reportedly killed by wandering pigs.

A correspondent visiting the area on Tuesday noted that there was still one of the corpses at the dump and the baby had injuries on the face.

Residents stated that the other corpse had been carried away by the pigs.

The incident was reported to the police of the Masaka station when some community leaders visited the site.

A resident, who prefers to remain anonymous, said people staying close to the dump confirmed that the babies were alive when they were initially carried to the dump.

“We believe that the babies were left at the dump on Monday evening or Tuesday morning. When we got to the dump, pigs had already eaten one of the babies and escaped with the corpse. Some people staying close to the dump told us that there were indications that the kids were alive when they were abandoned.

“There has been pandemonium in our area. People have been trooping to the dump when they get the information that newborn twins were abandoned there. Residents, who were at the scene of the incident, rained curses on the person that dumped the babies. They could have taken the babies to an orphanage or to a government’s shelter, not at our dump to be eaten up by pigs.”

Garba Julius, a youth in the community, said the police and residents were investigating to find the culprits.

DSP John Kennedy the Police Public Relations Officer, Nasarawa State Police Command, claimed he had not be informed of the situation.

“The command has not been informed of the incident that happened at Jeun Madaki in the Masaka Police Station bus stop area of Nasarawa State.”