Piqued by the rate of indecent, bizarre and provocative dressing among students on campus these days, the management of Abia State University, Uturu (ABSD), has outlawed all tight-fitting dresses, especially those that expose private parts of the body such as mini-gowns and skirts, trousers and blouses with unusual slits at very odd angles.

Vice chancellor of the institution, Professor Mkpa, Agu Mkpa who announced this during the 28th matriculation ceremony of the university, said any dress culture, which is not in conformity with the known standards of decorum expected of university students was totally unacceptable to the school authorities.

“We prohibit male students swaggering in atrocious faded, baggy jean trousers that hang precariously at the brink of the buttocks, suspended by hands in the pockets and revealing the inner, often not-too-clean boxer pants – all reminiscent of famished, condemned Iraqi prisoners of war awaiting possible execution”.

Professor Mkpa also disclosed that out of about 50,000 candidates that applied for admissions into the regular and part-time programmes of the institution for the 2009/2010 session, only 5000 was admitted, and enjoined the lucky ones, not to abuse the opportunity.

He however, warned that the school would not hesitate to terminate the studentship of any candidate whose credentials were discovered to be short of the requirements of the discipline admitted; or withdraw any certificate(s) already awarded if the discovery was made after graduation.

The VC, who noted that admission was not for sale, decried the activities of admission racketeers who make fake admission offers to gullible candidates at very exorbitant fees, and warned that any student(s) fraudulently admitted by these faceless fraudsters, who often pose as agents of key officers of the institution, would be weeded out during routine checks.

On the superiority tussle and dichotomy between regular students and their counterparts in the Institute of Arts and Science, otherwise called evening programme, the VC explained that both programmes are the same, adding that IAS was created with clearance from the federal government so as to meet the increasing admission needs of the people.

“The IAS and the UME are both regular programmes. They share the same curriculum contents, lecture periods, teaching staff, classrooms and laboratory space. The minimum duration of study has also been equalized, and the same certificates will be obtained”.

Mkpa also noted that ABSU has established a centre for entrepreneurial education aimed at making students acquire, before graduation, at least two marketable skills in addition to degree in one’s chosen field to enable them become employers of labour, instead of roaming the streets for non existent whitecollar jobs.

In the same vein, Mkpa said the institution has equipped its Institute of Computer Studies with 250 computers for compulsory computer education by all students considering the pivotal role of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in the modern age.

He frowned at the sale of hostel accommodation by students and announced stiff sanctions for any allotee caught in the act.

The VC also disclosed that the school, because of its love for the environment, had embarked on the provision of concrete walkways on the campus and that when completed, any one found walking on the grass lawns would face expulsion from the ivory tower.