There is a raging battle unfolding within the management realm of financial institution- Access Bank.

Investigation revealed the cause of the smouldering discord as ‘who becomes the next overall boss’ at the place.

This is said to be against the background of proposed success of moves by current Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Aigboje Aig Imoukhuede to secure higher financial calling.

The bank boss is stealthily working towards becoming the next occupier of celebrated positions- Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria or Finance Minister.

He is currently an integral part of the Presidency’s economic team.

Insiders revealed efforts to leave behind a ‘tidy house’ is the cause of conflicts of interests being experienced at the bank.

Mr Imoukhuede is said to have withdrawn support for long time partner- and Deputy Managing Director at the bank, Mr Hubert Wigwe.

Insiders revealed the Managing Director now favors Angela, the wife of his close ally in the corridors of power and front man of Spog Oil, Mr Jide Omokore.

Angela (more popular with her maiden name, Egbagbua) is also regarded as a major player at Access Bank. She was a visible part of power brokers at the place until she travelled abroad for child birth, returned to head the Ghana arm of the bank’s operation and maintained ‘a very low profile’ since then.

Outside of her influence within the financial institution, sources confirmed Angela’s hubby, Jide Omokore’s rapport with Mr Imoukhuede and volume of business he transacts with Access Bank are major factors propelling the move to succeed the incumbent.

Mr Omokore is a big time player in the government of President Jonathan, particularly the Oil Sector.

Along with fellow promoters of another business concern, Seven Energy- Mr Omokore is believed to be the business front and channel of commercial activities for Petroleum minister, Allison Madueke and other shrouded government functionaries.

Insiders claim Mr Imoukhuede has eyes on leveraging on Mr Omokore’s stature for himself and his bank, by positioning Angela as his successor – at the cost of sacrificing the ambition of deputy and long term associate, Wigwe.

Insiders claimed this is against the backdrop of claim that, despite his expertise and long association on the job- D.M.D Wigwe has limited influence and contact.

Further digs by however revealed that, Mr Wigwe is not taking the looming development lying low.

Sources claimed that he is currently calling in all support he can muster- within and outside- the bank to forestall the move.

More revelation revealed the divided interest between the Managing Director and the Deputy Managing Director have started polarising the management team.

And further investigations revealed, this development has started causing cracks within the cohesion of the organisation’s structure – with those in the know claiming ‘ at present, with his joint influence with Omokaro at play- there is every likelihood Mr Imoukhuede gets away with fostering Angela on the bank leadership when the time comes’.

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