Aremu Afolayan is no more a new actor when you talk about movie industry in Nigeria; his name always strikes a familiar cord in the minds of movie buffs in the country because of his acting prowess.

In a recent interview, he talks about his passion for older ladies.

I need to correct the impression that I date older women.I don’t date older women.I date normal babes but the person might be 10 years older than me.To me there is no big deal in dating someone older than me.

I see no reason people consider it as big issue.For now I am not in any relationship but for anything I achieve,people think I got them from the women I am dating.I am a man,I work hard and face life challenges as they come.

Gigolos don’t go broke because they live off women they date.Most times I’m broke.A gigolo would not do any other thing for a living.If I am a gigolo,I will not be seeking financial support for my movie.People don’t understand the difference between a gigolo and a young man dating someone older than him.

I need to also make it clear that I don’t date married women.I deal with single ladies.I don’t go near married women.

Asked,when are you planning to get married;he said I was considering getting married before but now I have dropped the idea.No doubt marriage is good but I have found out that staying married is not an easy task.It is complicated and hell.I only concern myself with dreams of making money