Lots of good things are indeed happening in the Nigerian entertainment industry especially Nollywood as many have decided to diversify into other ventures just to keep body and soul together.

The industry has seen many of the ladies going into some form of businesses as they don’t want to depend on acting alone which is getting new talents as the day goes by.

Some have ventured into owing clothing line, boutiques, supermarkets and other businesses but now some of the men are beginning to brace up knowing that the younger ones might soon kick them out of the market.

One of the many actors fans least expected Clem Ohameze, has come out to prove that aside just wearing expensive clothes in movies, he has good taste for fashion as he has just announced that he will soon be launching his own clothing line which he has already started.

clemm.jpg  cleme.jpg


This is also one of the reasons he has been on and off the screen so he can concentrate on the quality of clothes to be produced and employ good management to manage his business.

Clem Ohameze started professional acting in 1995. But his breakthrough role was in 1998 when he featured in a big-budget movie titled ‘ENDTIME,’ and since then, he has been gracing various movie location accepting various roles.