Nigerian Nollywood actor, Junior Pope Odonwodo a.k.a Jnr Pope, smashes the windscreen of a man’s vehicle after he lost his cool during an altercation.

In a video making waves, the exasperated-looking thespian smashed the windscreen of the man’s vehicle continuously as he overpowered passersby who tried to stop him.

In the trending video, the actor was seen exchanging blows with the man in the street as residents stepped in to separate them.

Not stopping there, Jnr Pope then obtained a spade from his car boot and proceeded to destroy the man’s car with it.

Jnr Pope had already hit the car’s windscreen so many times with the spade before onlookers intervened and tried to stop him.

The famous movie star who was obviously very angry was filmed while in action by Residents who were in disbelief at his actions
Meanwhile, netizens reacted to the incident by condemning a female voice from the video that questioned why Jnr Pope was fighting as a celebrity.

@pretty_gloria16 said, “Celebrity they fight, what a question so he should be chopping nonsense outside because he is a celebrity, they are human like me and you pls. Though he shouldn’t have smash that windscreen.”

@ijoba_wonderman said, “They suppose slap that girl wey talk say celebrity no Dey fight.”