please this is not a script,it is for real.light skinned,good looking actor Moses Efret is set to wed Emma Ngo the camerounian lady who sometime back cried wolf on losing money and gifts to Mike Ezeruonye all in the name of love.heres the gist according to those who know”producer Donald Okoli is nollywoods biggest pimp and he introduced Mike and Emma after Emma almost broke his ear drums that she was in love with Mike.Mike and Emma dated and she travelled several times from her united states base to visit Mike in Nigeria and spoil him silly with gifts and cash but when she discovered the relationship was a dead end,she cried wolf and then cried again to Donald that it was Moses Efret she wanted and donald coneected them again like nepa.

Their love over the months has blossomed, Moses and Emma weded on april 10,2009 in cameroun and their church wedding is set for Nigeria at an unknown date.

Emma lives in America as a rich student.I also hear that since both lovers ingited their love,both Emma and Moses have cut off Donald from the deal and he is so angry that he is telling everyone that he did the connection and is pained that he will not be on the high table on their wedding day as they did not bother to inform him that the chop-clean-mouth-waka game has taken a different dimension.

As for them ignoring the man who pimped them together,I will leave them with the forefathers advice which say”a wise man does not bite the finger that has fed him”.Moses congrats in advance,please start filing for your american papers immediately after the wedding oh!

By Stella.D.K