Popular actor, Sholagbade Mustapha also known as Lolade Mustapha has revealed the reason why he broke up the relationship he had with Dewunmi Fatai his ex-lover.

He said that they were both getting along as very good friends until the pregnancy issue got in and that was the moment that the whole thing became very dramatic. She started behaving rudely.

” When the issue of the pregnancy came up, it was a shock because we were not in good term because weren’t talking for months but I accepted my fate. Later on, I made up my mind to go for her and marry her but as the popular Yoruba adage has it, “Eyan ti Antori e Gbawe Ti o J’san” literarily in other words, means she is not worth it. I wanted to make things work out between us but she is not ready. I wanted to marry her but there are things she does which I don’t appreciate,” he said.

He later discovered that she did not really love him as claimed but all she wanted was to have a child for him. And she was always rude to his mum, a kind of character that he could not tolerate. Today they are both separated but he still takes care of his son as a responsible father.