Cliam to fame:nollywood movies/controversy.
Olofofos alert me that despite being engaged to….(who?)Anita is currently in a hot romance with a man who has ties to the throne of power in bayelsa state.

she was spotted in bayelsa state in april and then on satuday may 2,2009 .The now very slim actress was spotted in a police convoy.hear the olofofo”she is the actress who will not let us hear word eeeh,a convoy of three bentleys,the latest model,two hummer and four police car stopped and everyone around moved back and stepped back to see who will step out and lo and behold it was anita that was ushered out of the hummer and she went into one of the clothes shop to shop.

She was garbed in a blue body hugging denim pant and a loose top and the afro on her hair was like a big head tie.”.the gov is also responsible for the music video she went to shoot in south africa.anita has also been on a wild shopping spree lately and her friends attest to this. I realy dont know why this actress is galivanting all over the place but please someone should help me alert her that our forefathers say”An ant that will not listen shall end up in the gizzard of a chicken”..

She should enjoy the romance with the governor and should not bother denying it because”teeth no dey ever dry inside mouth”.also help me whisper the words”please use condom” into her ears!

By Stella d.k