Nigerian Nollywood fast rising actress Charity Nnaji is starting her stardom on controversies; the actress has been brandish as a lesbian after she caused some uproar in one of her interview.

The curvy actress who spoke out her mind on what she thinks about curvy and thick ladies issued that most of them are dirty beneath.

This didn’t go well considering why she should make such statement, and she has since then been receiving insults upon insults from the slim, fat, chubby, and all grade of body sizes.

She has been called a lesbian, which many believed she has encountered them to know that they are dirty.


The Abuja based actress who has lost peace after those words is begging that they should please leave her alone that all she did was only to voice out her opinion.

“Please they should leave me alone; I was only expressing my opinion. I didn’t say all plump girls are dirty under, I said most of them. I don’t want to talk much on this now, when the time is right I write my reaction to all the abuses that have been coming my way ever since”. She said