Nigerian Yoruba actress Habibat Jinad has been accused by many for indulging in a viral post between a lesbian.She was formerly asked out by a female fan which is surely a lesbian but she declined her proposal and went on to share the chats online.

Since then she has been hunted by many saying she may be a lesbian but only turned down the offer of that particular fellow. Speaking in an interview, Habibat has disclosed that she is not a lesbian and will never be.

When asked by the interviewer “how did you involve in the lesbianism tale?”

 She said “A fan slides into my Instagram page and sent a direct message, just to express herself to me, and I told her that “I’m not a lesbian”. That was how the whole thing began.”

When asked if she had reported the lady to the any law enforcement agency she said “I didn’t reveal her identity. I can’t do that, I just cried out just to inform others not to make any attempt again. I don’t like it at all. I would definitely inform the law enforcement for future purpose.”

She went further to debunk the rumor that even if she was paid $10 million she will never go down with a fellow lady.

She said; “Do it for what? I can never do it for anything. This is because Almighty God is against it, and that money is dirty. I would wait for God’s time because it is the best my brother.”