Nigerian popular actress Ireti Osayemi’s marriage was earlier rumored to be heading for divorce and her husband Bakky Adeoye has finally come out to clear the air on this issue.

Many people were of the opinion that the marriage between this two celebrities was not has smooth as it once was as it has hit the rock and it will be ending any time soon.

But the husband or Ireti popular TV producer Bakky has denied such claims saying his marriage is still strong as there is no iota of truth in the rumor.

He also dismissed the idea of him taking a new wife which he said his wife is still living with him in their house and no new lady in his life.

He said; “The story is false and has no iota of truth. We’re still married. There’s no misunderstanding that can’t be handled domestically and privately. My wife is still at home. I did not take another wife and I’m not considering taking another wife.”