Altercations like this in nollywood is becoming an everyday thing but never before in an interview have we been delightedwith tales of a fellow actress wanting her friend to wash her ”three weeks old soaked pants for her”.Joy agbor,ex best friend of maryann apollo is crying foul to the way she was took a while before she agreed to spill the beans but daredevil reporter STELLA DIMOKO-KORKUS convinced her it was the best thing to do.

maryann might have a thing or two to defend herself against these allegations and we intend to find her and hear her out as agbor and maryann apollo are the lastest additions to the actresses who do not speak with each other.this is what joy had to say concerning this actress who kept some people glued to their seats during the days she was a producers delight and the heart throb of Alist actor ramsey tokunbo nouah.dont be shocked…sh..t happens!

1-You and your fellow actress maryann apollo recently had a quarell,can you tell us what led to the quarell?

— it wasnt a quarell but just a confrontation of things i got pissed with,i told her the things she does in myhouse that i dont like and she took it very badly.

2-what kind of confrontation would lead to two grown up ladies confronting each other to the extent of outsiders getting to know

.—-maryann wanted to be the boss in my own house and that was not accepted by me,i accorded her lot of respect not for her status in the industry but for the fact that she is far older than me but in the process she took all these for granted and became the boss so i adressed the issues one on one. she had her voice on top as usual so neighbors heard.

3-what do you mean boss in your own house?please give us instances of when and how she bossed you in your own house.

-ok,like she accepts her visitors but mine cant come to my house,she is very rude to people who come to see me,i have lost almost 6 friends who vow never to come see me anymore especially when i am not home,can you imagine my own boyfriend cant even come near my door but three of her men can come comfortably.i am not comfortable with her because she snaps at every discussion we try to have and before you know it she is shouting on top of her voice and vibrating like a lion,so many nights i sleep out because of these and i may not come home till noon and of course i am expected to clean the house she sleeps in, i was doing that initially afterall its my house but i later changed my mind because i cant be cleaning for her where she spends the night with her boyfirend.

4-three of her men?are you implying that she has plenty lovers?

-yes she does. i have a date in my neighborhood and she nags at me for being cheap but she is also dating a guy in the same neighborhood who spends the nights with her in my room.i have known her with 3 men, the guy that came the first day she moved in with me and was introduced as her man whom she insulted after a few days and he stopped visiting.the neighbuor boy and a very prominent man i introduced to her out of pity for not having enough money and until i introduced her to that man her financial status was zero.

5-who is the prominent man?

-name witheld please.hes not the topic of discussion.

6-maryann does not have money?does she no longer shoot movies?

-i dont know but i have not seen her shoot any while she was with me

7-how did you meet maryann and why did she come to squat with you?i mean shes a well known actress and she has made enough movies to pay for her own accomodation.

—i met her on producer chico ejiros set of sisters on the run where i palyed a minor one scene role called wakapass,then she was one of the major cast,again she is from my state and i looked up to her as a role model,that was during the ramsey nouah days,after that job i got the gist of her seperation with ramsey so when i met her again i spoke with her and also sympatised with her not to worry,and this was in early 2003,since then i never saw her again till this year when someone spoke about her and i took her contact and called her she told me she was in calabar and was coming to lagos soon,she called me another time to ask if she could stay with me that she just came from dubai and i accepted, afterall i thought it was good to be nice to others that are in need.unfortunately the day i was travelling to calabar she was on her way to lagos and we missed each otherso she had to wait in hotel for several days for me .when i came back i took her in and she told me she does not live in lagos but she wants to relocate ,but i got to find after she moved in with me that she has lived in several places with people including actresses and she did not last with them because of her wickedness.

8-wickedness is a strong word to was she wicked to you?

–few weeks after she moved with me i introduced her to a prominent man andi travelled to calabar.after the mans first visit he bought a dstv in the house and she called in excitement that the guy has installed a dstv in the house but when i got home i found out that she was so glued to the tv that she wont let me even touch the dial,sometimes i am happy when she is in the toilet because i think its my chance to change chanels but right from there she will shout”abeg abeg i de listen to that programme put am back”this is from the toilet ohso if i cant even see what i want why should i stay home?as for food,i believe that friendship is all about give and take,i cook and she expects to beserved but when she cooks she refuses that i should even taste it and hides it inthe freezer with instructions that i should not touch the food.i am never at home but expects me to come back and sweep or wash her pants that has been soaked for three weeks or dust the dstv i am not allowed to watch,so if i am not there to tidy up the house,it is always very filty because she waits for me.when we shoped for our provisions and other things from the supermarket we shared the bill and after a few days i wanted to take milk and she just sshouted and said that the milk we bought together is finished sop i should not touch the new milk,so i dont even know what totouch or not touch that will not get her roaring like a lion. if she does one little thing in the house she nags about it untill neighbours hear of it that she has bought one thing or the other in the house

9-so your arguement with her was as a result of your complaining and not that both of you were sharing one boyfriend?

— our arguement was as a result of lots of things.for one maryann is a chronic gossip and if i refuse to listen to her stories,its problems,she has talked about lots of people to me.she used to eye my boyfriend behind my back but tomy face she had nothing good to say of him.

10–the people she gossiped about are they nollywood stars?i am asking because it would be nice to know.

-nollywood stars and her close friends she has torn them apart with gossip to me.

11-so is there no way that both of you can resolve this issue,our sources say both of you are now neighbours.
— there is no way for settlement after all she made me go through,right now one of my best neighbour has been bought over by maryanns gossip and our relationship is shaky now and can never be the same again but i really dont care anyway.there can never be a reconciliation because she is too ungrateful.

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