Nollywood actress, Joyce kalu, for the first time has been provoked that she had to speak out after some fans had decided to criticize her early morning picture.

The pretty actress could not hide her feelings as she stated that some people claim righteous but don’t know where to put their mouth as they are suffering from inferiority complex.

She warned people who feel they know all to mind their business and stay clear from her with their demonic opinion.

“Thanks to y’all. Inferiority complex is one thing I know a lot of people are suffering from these days, but the idea of bringing in a demonic, holy or righteous opinion, were they are insignificant, makes me laugh. Please, be positive in life, stop saying nonsense when you feel insecure. Helloooo, a lot of people should go and learn the word, MIND YOUR BUSINESS AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR NAME,” she wrote.