Nigerian actress, Kemi Afolabi has taken to her Instagram platform to address the reports that she sought healing at a church over her terminal ailment. Earlier in the year, Kemi Afolabi revealed that she is battling Lupus, a terminal ailment.

When news of her ailment broke out, reports started making rounds that Kemi Afolabi had denounced her religion to seek healing at a church.

The actress never denied or confirmed it and as such; the reports lingered for several months until Sunday, June 26.

Finally reacting to it, Kemi Afolabi stated that she never went to any church to seek healing.

Kemi Afolabi made this known after a religious fanatic tackled her for posting a video promoting her religion.

The critic had questioned if the actress just remembered that she was a Muslim and where Islam was when she was seeking solutions from the Church.

Her statement reads;

Since the news of my illness became public.

I have gotten reports of different misinformation and false narratives out there.

I have ignored as my focus is on my wellbeing and health.

Also, I am a devout Muslim who believes in calling on God and seeking his face in times of need, this I have done consistently and JOY is certain in the End.

The actress revealed that she found nothing wrong with going to a church to seek deliverance.

However, she denied ever going to a church for deliverance. The actress added that she never denounced her religion before she noted that ‘everyone worships the same God‘.

Her statement reads further;

Sometime ago a picture was circulating online insinuating that I had visited Christ Embassy Church for healing; I paid no attention to it because I didn’t see visiting a church or getting prayers from a pastor as a bad thing.

After all we all serve same God I believe.

Fast forward to Friday, I posted a video of me doing my personal Islamic supplications, @officialeelahandsome dropped a very disturbing comment today asking if I had just remembered that I was a Muslim or where was Islam when I was seeking solutions from the church.

Omg I was stunned at how insensitive human could get just to score religion points which can simply be considered as blasphemy.

I personally would like to use this medium to debunk such false narrative, never was there a time that I attended a church for healing, the picture circulating online is nit me and I want everyone to please disregard it.

I have a personal relationship with Allah, I don’t need anyone to get through him.

Love, light, prayer, support and peace.