The feud between actress Oge Okoye and Chioma Toplis has taken a new dimension as Chioma lambasted Oge on social network (Face Book).

Her first message on Face Book on Monday, June 20,2011,reads;”please anyone that knows actress Oge Okoye should tell her to free me o,as I am very very busy with my business which is why I am in Nigeria and do not and will never have time for her idle gossip and side talks. While you do please tell her also to concentrate in taking care of her children as I am doing too, and stop wasting her time discussing me as I am not the cause of her failed marriage’’.

The next day Tuesday, June 21, 2011 she writes again; while Oge Okoye is biting the fingers that fed her, she should also remember that those fingers could still choke her, especially mine.

I checked Oge’s wall for a response but the only thing there was her relationship status which she had changed to “It’s complicated”.