Looks like things have gone really bad between Ruth Kadiri and Anthony. Ruth Kadiri who sometime last year declared herself in an interview, single and searching gave her bestie a hot one when he replied to her quote.

The beautiful actress and intelligent script writer who was acused of sleeping with Apostle Suleiman blasted her former filmmaker friend when he replied in support to her quote which said

“An intelligent enemy is better than a stupid friend” and she asked her followers if the quote was true or false”.

He bestie, Anthony Adedeji, may have gotten a shock or may have expected her reply which was ‘Shut up and get lost. We are done. Devil. Are you done ranting on WhatsApp?’

What must have gone on that brought up the ranting. For Anthony to reply must have meant that whatever went on should be in the past or was it sarcasm?

Ruth must have been hurt really to have blasted Anthony this way. We are yet to know what made the friendship go sour.