Nollywood actress Takor Veronica has been found dead in a hotel room in Benue, North Central Nigeria few days after celebrating her birthday. The upcoming actress celebrated her birthday on 12 March, 2022.

She reportedly died in the hotel room at Nyinma area of Makurdi, Benue State.

It was not clear what led to her death, but her friends have been mourning her death on social media.

The Police in Benue says an investigation into the death has been launched and three persons of interest have been taken into custody according to the Police Spokesperson SP Catherine Anene.

“There is a death report of a lady in a hotel but details will come from doctors; we did not see marks of violence on her body. So, the autopsy will reveal the cause of the death. The person that died was dressed; we didn’t see marks on her body meaning there were no injuries.

“Three suspects were arrested in connection with this case, so they will give us details. We can’t say it is a case of murder because we didn’t see marks of violence,” She said while reacting to the death of the actress.

One of her friends, Ann Abayol, on her Facebook page mourned, saying: “This world, people talk or post about what they don’t know. But VERONICA TAKOR God knows all that happened and you will surely get Justice.

“Kaiiii this life is just nothing ooo! Last year, 12th March, we celebrated your birthday and this year your birthday celebration ends in death

“Hmmm!!! What a wicked world we leave in? The heart of a man is desperately wicked, you were indeed a humble girl that is always smiling with everyone around, those evil people that did this to you will surely be punished.

“May God grant you eternal Rest in heaven with him and May He console your entire family.

Meanwhile, Veronica Takor Background and Biographical Data is yet to be ascertain, kindly be patient with us while we source for her full Data.