I’m a 20year old girl, dating a 28year old guy. We are thinking and have discussed settling down next year. We have been dating for 2yrs now, and I am very much in love with him and his personality.


He is loving, caring, very educated and very intelligent as he is a doctor and super humble.. but the issue with him is his looks. He is taller than me tho, but he is not so handsome physically, he is not ugly to me anymore. Truth be told is whenever I see him, I just see peace and joy.

He has this skin problem (a whole lot of pimple on his face and super oily skin). I’m a very beautiful girl (no bragging) and I have never really cared about looks. I go more for the inner man. I really did think my man was presentable until I took him home.

You needed to have seen the faces of my siblings, my mum. They were not impressed at all. My mum clearly told me she was disappointed with me. My aunty clearly told me to dump him that I deserved better.. I cried, I tried explaining to them how good he is to me but no one seems to understand. My mum is now using his tribe as an excuse, saying she doesn’t like his family but that is not true!

I’m so sad. What do I do? Everyone says am still too young that I would see better men. But I dream of this dude always! I want to have his kids. Even if I bend to my family demands, what do I tell him? He is physically fit, doesn’t have any challenge whatsoever. Please advice me..