The recent disagreement between African China and his long time marketer, Globe Disk has been traced to the inability of his marketer to inject funds into the shooting of the video and video CD of the album, London Fever, and also deceit on the part of the marketer.

African China confirmed this and said, “The crux of the matter was when my contract with him expired in August 2007 and London Fever was given to him as a kind of bonus; do you know that the man took advantage of my humility by deciding to pay back in a bad coin?

The video, Forgive me was also shot by me alone without any financial backing from my marketer, so tell me what kind of business is this? I’m not happy at all.

My marketer is very stingy with funds and he expects the best from me which was why I felt cheated. We are supposed to be friends, not enemies.

Meanwhile, his latest video is coming out by October and he urges his fans to watch out for it.