The fear of juju over players has arrived in England. The injuries of Watford striker Isaac Success has been blamed on a curse purportedly placed on him by “evil witches” back home.

Success became Watford’s record signing following his £12.5million move from La Liga outfit Granada last summer, but he’s largely been sidelined by a series of injuries at Vicarage Road. After it was revealed that he won’t be fit for action until the end of January, his camp is now blaming dark magic or “juju” placed on him.

Recall, late last year, the Rwandan football association were forced to ban the use of witchcraft in matches after Mukura striker Moussa Camara performed a ritual on a goalpost – and scored minutes later.

Now, Isaac is the next person juju scare is rumoured upon“His people are beginning to think that it is some people who are not happy with his progress who are chasing him with evil witches,” a source revealed. “They are suspecting juju against the boy.”