AfroCandy is blowing hot and is threatening to sue instagram for heartbreak and prejudice. Imagine what she is complaining about; she is accusing the social media of taking out her indecent picture while they left Nicki Minaj’s picture that was provoking too.

She said “So you Removed my post and allows #nickiminaj #NickiInPARIS on Instagram why? What is wrong with mine? What is the difference? I feel discriminated here and I am calling a lawyer right away for all the Distress, heartbreak, frustration, prejudices against me on this platform.

She attacked ” I had to call you guys out. Enough is enough! 

Every time post stuff that are not as provocative as posts I see on this IG they take is down..I have Cried enough and as I’m writing this I feel so bad like my world is coming to an end, and I have to get both Legal help and maybe Physiatrics help, they have caused me enough Pain, I can’t take it anymore #nickiminaj #NickiInPARIS #afrocandy#judithafrocandy #judithmazagwu#AfroCandy it’s time to get to the bottom of this discrimination”

What do you think?